Seasonal Allergies Can Be Debilitating

Seasonal Allergies Can Be Debilitating

Beats there a heart so pure or a lung so clear that they have not suffered allergies?  Few people completely escape the discomfort of being allergic to one thing or another, with the list of allergens growing constantly.  For most it’s merely a nuisance but for many others it’s debilitating.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from at least one form of allergy.  That comes to one person in six battling this illness almost year round.  It’s become the sixth leading cause of chronic diseases in the United States and the cost for treatment is staggering.  Each year, Americans shell out more than 18 billion dollars seeking cures and treatments.  Most are never cured and have to be satisfied with symptom relief.

It’s become a common sight to see persons wear a mask while mowing the lawn or doing other work outside.  These people usually suffer from pollen or mold induced allergies.  You can run but you can’t hide because pollen is necessary for the continuation of life.

Many people move to another part of the country to escape their particular allergy perpetrator.  It’s usually just a matter of time until you develop some type of allergy at your new home.  As you might imagine, cities in the south and Midwest are among the top ten allergy capitals in the U. S.  These include Dallas/ Fort Worth, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Seasonal allergies can affect you mildly or be so severe that you’re debilitated to a point you can’t function and do your job.  Many athletes never reach their peak performance because of allergies.  Pollen and mold induced allergies are typically felt for three seasons, spring, summer and fall but can spell trouble all year.  Different locales are more challenging for some people than others.  In the southern states allergies can begin as early as January and continue through October.

Debilitation from allergies can come in the form of fatigue sometimes caused from sleeplessness.  Nasal congestion and difficulty breathing prevents you from getting a good night’s rest and that leads to more serious problems as your health erodes.

Skin rashes and diseases are sometimes caused by allergies but are difficult to diagnose.

It could be caused from a bad reaction from a certain chemical that you’ve accidentally come in contact with or something you’ve applied yourself such as a soap, shampoo or cosmetic.  Skin allergies are normally contained to a small area but sometimes spread over the entire body causing you to miss work either from pain or embarrassment.

Allergies and their debilitating effects should be considered seriously.  So many people tend to act tough and say, “Oh, they’ll go away in a month or two.”  They may, but you can expect the allergies and the discomfort to return next year at the same time.  The sooner you diagnose the cause of the problem, the sooner you’ll find relief and return to a more normal enjoyable lifestyle.

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