Dehumidifiers for Extracting Pollen

Dehumidifiers for Extracting Pollen

When a person suffers from pollen allergies time spent outdoors can be painful. Itchy eyes, running noses and sneezing are just a few of the symptoms that come with hay fever or pollen allergies. When trying to avoid and alleviate those symptoms there are many options a person can try. These options include avoiding exposure to the pollen, taking medications like antihistamines or decongestants, natural remedies and even dehumidifiers or pollen extractors.

Experts and physicians agree that avoiding exposure to the allergen is one of the top ways to keep those allergy symptoms at bay. Staying in the house with the doors and windows closed is one option for many hay fever sufferers. A dehumidifier placed in the house is an excellent way to control the quality of your indoor air.

Dehumidifiers are often used to control the dampness of a particular area like a car or home. These machines actually remove water from the air to keep the humidity level of an area below 50%. The temperature of your home also affects the dehumidifier and its action, so some machines will be more or less effective at certain temperatures.

Dehumidifiers remove pollen, viruses and mold spores from the air as they collect the moisture. These spores and other debris are collected in a water tank. The tank is then emptied each day so that viruses and mold do not grow inside the tank. The water that is collected by the extraction process is not safe for drinking or for use in fish tanks. This is because that water is filled with spores and other allergens that contaminate the air that you breathe. The water in the dehumidifier tank can be used to irrigate plants and your garden will be happy to receive it.

Dehumidifiers come in many styles and sizes to suit each home. It is important to choose a dehumidifier that is large enough to handle the entire area of your home. The average dehumidifier should cover a home that has up to two thousand square feet of living space.

Dehumidifiers should always be placed on the floor rather than on a counter or table. Each dehumidifier should also come with a filtering system. The filters should be replaced frequently to ensure that the air in your home stays clean.

Many dehumidifiers are designed specifically to extract pollen and other household allergens from the air, so the filters are extremely important. When choosing a dehumidifier it is also a terrific idea to select one that has filters that are easy to replace. You are more likely to use your dehumidifier if you know that it is not going to be a hassle to clean and replace those filters.

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