Redirecting Anger

Redirecting Anger

Buddha, when speaking of anger, once quoted, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

Now the intention of presenting this quote is not to tell you that anger is bad but reiterating that throwing the ‘coal’ at someone probably isn’t the best way to handle the fury within. It’s never been the best way to deal with anger – and never will be.

The insanity of committing such an act can be seen in numerous examples such as spousal abuse, manhandling your children or – at the collective level – inciting a riot, regardless of how right it might seem in the moment.

Almost every person who has a problem with expressing his or her anger inappropriately will tell you that they have, at some point or the other, regretted their actions or words.

Unfortunately, it’s almost always too late to take back what you’ve said or done…

So, here are practical ways by which you can redirect anger constructively:

#1: Pick inanimate objects to vent your frustration at

There are situations where you feel considerable anger and which will compel you to take action. Instead of resorting to violence against the person, take it out on a pillow, the bed or even the wall (at your own expense, of course).

Not only will you expend the energy that comes with great anger but it won’t HURT anyone, in particular.

#2: Focus that energy in exercise or a sport

This is probably one of the best ways by which you can channel anger constructively. Since rage gives the body an energy boost, try to picture the person as the workout equipment and attack it as hard as possible. Playing a vigorous sport is not such a bad idea either. What you have to be careful is to not overdo it as you might end up hurting yourself in the process.

#3: Housework, gardening apart from other chores

If you are very angry about something, invest that energy into mundane chores such as housework or even gardening as it will ensure that you spend the energy into something constructive as well. You’ll finish the task pretty quickly too!

#4: Write your feelings in a diary or a letter

Write a letter or a diary to express your feelings but in the case of the latter, ensure that you don’t send it to the person who angered you. It’s just another way by which you can calm yourself down, and usually works very well with people who suffer from bouts of depression.

#5: Express your anger to the RIGHT person but attack

Your anger should not be a reaction (which is usually the case) but a response to the person who caused you to feel this way. Personal attacks are probably the worst way to express anger. At best, inform the person that they made you angry, and you are displeased with their behavior. If you don’t do this, then there are more chances for one to misdirect their anger towards others.

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