Losing Weight Healthily

Losing Weight Healthily

Making the decision to begin a weight-loss program is simple. Finding a healthy way to lose weight is a bit more difficult. There are an enormous number of fad diets available in magazines and on the Internet. Many people are tempted to try quick weight-loss plans and then are disappointed when the plans fail. Often, the fad diets and quick weight-loss tips are unhealthy and can even cause a person to gain more weight.

Losing weight in a healthy way is not as difficult as it may seem. The key to this type of weight-loss program is to make small changes in food choices and slowly add exercise to each day. A typical healthy diet will allow for a loss of about one to two pounds per week. This seems like a small amount of weight, but over the course of several months, it certainly adds up.

Begin a healthy weight-loss program by making small changes to daily food intake. Diets that are highly restrictive in the foods that are allowed, tend to cause a person to feel deprived. Do not cut any foods out of the diet; just make portions a little smaller. This change allows a person to feel as if they are eating everything they want, but still cuts calories. Using a smaller plate to serve meals is a great way to make portions look larger than they are. Try to use lower calorie versions of everyday foods. Skim milk is a good choice for cereal or coffee, rather than whole milk. Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar. Whole grain bread is delicious and very satisfying for sandwiches or even a snack.

Add a small amount of exercise to each day. This means that even ten minutes of walking during a lunch hour can be very beneficial to the diet. Starting with small changes makes this a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Make small goals, like walking for ten minutes on three days of the week. When this goal of ten minute exercise is accomplished, set a little larger goal. Aim for walking twenty minutes a day, three days a week. This exercise can even be broken into two ten-minute sessions per day. These small changes really make a huge difference over the long term.

The best way to encourage weight-loss is by making sure that the diet plan is fun to follow. Add fruits and vegetables to the diet in an interesting way. Make fruit smoothies or buy a juicer and experiment with different fruit combinations. Have breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast, but keep the portions small. Eat several small meals a day and use fruit or whole grain bread or low calorie foods as between-meal snacks. Try to avoid getting hungry by drinking plenty of water. Play soccer with friends or catch with the family to increase activity levels.

Any of these changes will result in weight loss when the plan is simple to follow. Make the diet a lifestyle change and the weight will stay off for good.

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