Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Diet

The ideal diet is both healthy and nutritious while also being low in calories and fat. Finding healthy and low calorie foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, can be a hassle. There are delicious foods available, if the search begins in the fresh food aisle of the grocery store.

For the perfect diet breakfast, fruits and proteins are a terrific mix. Eggs are a good start to any day and provide a filling breakfast with relatively few calories. Eggs are also high in protein which makes a body feel fuller, longer. Oatmeal makes a delicious breakfast. Oatmeal lowers cholesterol and is high in fiber. Adding some fresh blueberries to the oatmeal and having a small glass of orange juices creates a perfect breakfast. Blueberries are the best antioxidant available and are full of vitamins and fiber. Blueberry-oat pancakes or a broccoli and cheese omelet are also excellent breakfast ideas.

Lunch is a little more difficult to plan since many people work during the lunch time of the day. Some healthy meal choices for lunch would include low fat yogurt topped with low fat granola. Wraps or grinders are also good choices for lunch meals. A turkey wrap with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles can be delicious and less than three hundred calories. Chicken breast wraps with light ranch dressing and tomatoes are also very good for lunch. Greek pita salads are also a great way to keep the calories low at lunch. Salads are generally easy to pack and, if heavy dressings are avoided, they are excellent diet foods. A black bean and rice bowl is another good choice for lunch. Legumes, like black beans, have plenty of fiber and protein to keep a person feeling full for most of the day.

Dinner is probably the hardest meal to keep in the diet plan. Dinner is often rushed because people tend to work and come home and prepare dinner quickly. The best choices for a dinner will include skinless turkey or chicken breasts. These can be baked or broiled and brushed with honey for a delicious glaze. Fresh vegetables in large servings are very filling and provide fiber and vitamins with few calories. Chicken and peanut stir fry is a wonderful dinner treat. A stir fry which combines many vegetables including snow peas, cabbage, carrots and peppers, can be colorful and healthy. Brown rice and broiled fish are also a great dinner meal plan. Fresh fish is quick to cook and can become an excellent meal that is served in less than twenty minutes. Brown rice is healthier than white rice and provides starch which does not elevate the blood sugar tremendously.

Choosing the perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner, might seem overwhelming to a new dieter. The biggest idea to remember is that changes should be made slowly. Having one or two healthy meals each day can make an enormous difference in calories consumed over the course of a week.

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