Less Common Signs of Depression

Less Common Signs of Depression

While you may know some of the common signs of depression, like feeling despair or worthlessness, insomnia, and appetite changes, there are some signs that are less known. It is possible that you have depression and don’t even know it. Pay attention to these less common signs of depression.

Anger and Severe Mood Swings

Most people know that feeling sad or blue a lot of the time can be related to depression, but did you know there are other extreme emotions and moods that can be a sign? Anger or extreme irritability is a sign of depression not people understand. This can be complicated because anger is also associated with other things, but it can also be a sign of depression. If you find that you get extremely irritable or angry at someone or something, and it seems irrational but extreme, you just might be suffering from depression.

Season-Related Sadness

This is another thing people don’t often consider, because they assume they are just a little down about the sudden hot or cold weather. However, there are types of depression directly related to the season, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). While this is more common when the temperature turns cold and rainy, it can also occur with some people during other seasons. If you find that a certain time of the year always makes you miserable, it might be a sign of this type of depression.

Lack of Focus and Determination

If you are someone that just tries to barely get by, not really setting goals for yourself or trying to improve your own life, it could be a sign of depression. This isn’t the case for everything in this scenario, but it is a potential sign of depression. You could be someone who is used to feeling down, worthless, and hopeless, so you don’t even bother trying. You have convinced yourself that it will never get better and no amount of effort will make your life more meaningful. This often leads to low energy, lack of focus, and lack of determination to try anything new. Unfortunately, this in turn causes more negative emotions, just making your depression worse.

When you have any symptoms of depression, whether they are common or just things you can’t quite explain, you should talk to your doctor. The sooner you get treatment for your depression, the better off you will be.

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