Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker Review

Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker Review

A fitness tracker is meant to not only measure your physical activity, but must be able to provide you with useful insights that can be helpful to monitor your progress and provide you with information that can be used to improve your routine. This is exactly the reason why Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker can prove to be an excellent investment. With a simple and sleek appearance, it has a wealth of features and functions. Aside from activity tracking, it can also track your sleep. It has a vibrating motor for notifications and alarms. It is powered by a long-lasting battery, with life of up to 10 days.

Product Features

  • It tracks exercise and steps taken, as well as calories burned
  • Sleep tracking helps to provide you with information regarding sleep quality, including duration
  • Smart Coach gives it a distinctive appeal above other models. It can provide personalized information that will be vital in your journey towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle
  • Food Logging allows users to log their food intake and monitor what they are eating
  • One size fits all
  • Splash-proof, but not waterproof
  • Compatible with Jawbone Up mobile app. It can be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to make sense of the data the device was able to track. The app is also colorful and user-friendly.

Plus Points

  • Excellent Battery: With heavy use, the battery can provide power to the watch for a period of up to 5 days. However, with lighter use, the battery can last for at least one month. More than battery life, the method of having it charged is also commendable, which makes the product more modern. A magnetic clip attaches to the back of Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker and it is connected to a computer through USB.
  • Coaching Feature: Many of the activity trackers available in the market will measure steps, distance, and calories, but they will not provide personalized insights. This model is better because it will provide you with the essential information you need to know to improve your workout routines, even your eating habits.
  • Encourages Competition: If you want to get fit, it will be good to take a challenge. In this case, it is a good thing that Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker features Duel, which will allow you to have one-on-one challenge and the one who has the highest number of steps will have the crown. You can also share results via social media, making the competition between you and your friends more exciting.
  • Accurate Data: Based on the feedbacks that have been provided by other users, including in independent tests, the product is commendable when it comes to accuracy, both when used as an activity and sleep tracker.
  • Smart Alarm: You do not have to be waken up with loud and annoying noise in the morning. With the silent alarm feature of Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker, you will wake up through gentle vibrations.

Things to Consider

  • Not Water Resistant: If your daily fitness activity includes swimming, this may not prove to be an excellent choice as it cannot function underwater.
  • No Heart Rate Monitor: Another important thing that you should be looking for in a fitness tracker would be a heart monitor. Sadly, in the case of Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker, this feature is missing.
  • No Real Display: This is perhaps the biggest drawback of Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker. You do not get to have an actual screen on the device. You have to check the data from your mobile phone.

Product Summary

With its slim and stylish appeal, Jawbone UP2 Activity + Sleep Tracker will surely be a great item to have. More than just its aesthetics, this is commendable in terms of features. It can track steps and distance, as well as calories and sleep. It has smart alarm, which will wake you up not with an annoying sound, but with gentle vibrations. It also has coaching feature, providing you with personalized data for health and fitness. It is splash-proof, but it is not waterproof. There are some who did not like the fact that there is no real screen that can display data that has been tracked. The latter can only be viewed through a connected mobile phone. Click here to buy this product!

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