How to Raise Your Good Cholesterol

How to Raise Your Good Cholesterol

If you’re a person who is in the know, you might already realize that one of the best ways to fight bad LDL cholesterol is with good HDL cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol is of paramount importance because the ailments that it can cause can be life altering, and can even kill you. To prevent these situations, taking a defensive stance by having great eating habits would be the absolute best solution to combat bad cholesterol. That’s why this article will be geared towards sharing methods to show you how to raise your good cholesterol.

Be More Active

Do you like to get out and exercise at least a few times a week? Studies have shown that getting more exercise can raise your HDL by a large amount. That means that you will be able to more efficiently combat the LDL in your blood. Exercise also helps your body to keep from allowing dead cells and LDL cholesterol from building up and creating a shell of plaque inside of your arteries and veins. Activity also keeps your heart healthy and raises your heart rate to push bad cholesterol and toxins to waste disposal sites in the body.

Lose Some Weight

You can also try losing weight. As you lose weight, your metabolism will work to use fats for energy. This will have the immediate effect of removing fat from the blood and raise your HDL. As your HDL levels increase, your body will be more well equipped to process the LDL cholesterol in your blood. As you lose weight, the number of triglycerides will also drop, because they are the primary fat type used by the body for energy storage and retrieval.

Less Alcohol

People who drink a lot of alcohol are at risk of having high cholesterol. Drinking in moderation will help you to keep your HDL levels higher, and that will help you to maintain balance between the good and bad cholesterol. Another reason for drinking less is that it slows the metabolism.

Eat More Plant Fats

One of the best sources of HDL is plants fats. When you eat healthy plant fats, your body can easily metabolize them. The plants fats also attract and help eliminate heavy amounts of LDL from the bloodstream. The bonus of eating certain fruits and vegetables is that they also contain agents that reduce inflammation in arterial tissues.

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