How to Make Your Fitness Goals a Reality

How to Make Your Fitness Goals a Reality

Many of us would like to be thinner, more toned or more physically fit. Almost all of us feel that we could look better if we fitted into our clothes a little better and many feel that this would also give them a boost in confidence and general self-esteem.

The problem is making that happen. Because if you’re like the vast majority of people, then you’ve probably tried different diet programs and training regimes in the past without much success. What can you do to ensure that this is a different story? That this time things go to plan? Here are some pointers that can help you craft the body you’re looking for…

Slow and Steady

The longest journey starts with a single step and the biggest biceps start with a single curl. The big issue that a lot of people have when it comes to setting their fitness goals, is that they make them far too ambitious.

If you’re starting a diet that involves eating absolutely no carbs, or if you’re starting a training regime that involves working out for an hour and a half 5 times per week, then you’re going to struggle to adapt your lifestyle. Instead, use the ‘MED’ or ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ and then make sure that you don’t work harder than necessary in the gym.

Set Yourself Up for Success

So that means taking up one of those easier workouts right? The ones that cram a short HIIT workout in after your work hours for example?

Maybe you’re tempted by the various different diet programs that claim they include meals that only take 10 minutes to prepare.

Be wary! While many of these programs sound quick, what they fail to mention is:

  • The time it takes to get to the gym
  • The extra washing that you have to do after training at home
  • The time it takes to shower after the workout
  • The time it takes to get back home
  • How tired you’ll be following your workouts and how this is going to impact on your subsequent productivity

Likewise, those diet plans forget:

  • The time/money involves in acquiring all those exotic ingredients
  • The prep time: chopping those onions, pre-heating the oven etc.
  • The time it takes to wash up afterward
  • The fact that sometimes ingredients won’t be available, or you’ll have guests round

Point is: even the easiest routine is going to include hidden elements that end up taking up more time and stress. So your job is to try and edit the guidelines to fit your lifestyle and your routine specifically.

That might mean, for example, that you’re going to work out from home instead of at the gym. That way you can train in your underwear, meaning no more washing and meaning you’ll get less sweaty. It means you don’t have to travel too.

Likewise, think about recipes that will be genuinely easy to make and the tools and appliances that can help make them even easier still. Smoothies are more work than they sound because of the washing up – so try a NutriBullet!

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