Walking For Fitness

Walking For Fitness

For those looking to get into great shape but might not have ever exercised before, walking just might be the perfect option for them. To the uninitiated, walking might seem just too easy to be considered an effective way to lose weight and improve conditioning. Well, walking definitely is easy to do but this does not diminish the value of it as a form of exercise.

Walking Is A Great Low Impact Workout

When you walk, you are moving. You are also enhancing your respiratory system. This means you are burning up calories and you are also improving your cardiovascular conditioning. That means you will be improving your overall health and fitness levels. Now, you will not burn up the same amount of calories or increase your endurance to the same degree you would if you were jogging and running. However, you already have to be at a certain fitness and conditioning level in order to take part in those activities. Walking is already something you are doing each and every day. You just might need to do a little more of it.

Walking Can Be Generally Performed By Anyone

When you are ready to launch an exercise program, walking can be very easy to take part in. All you need to do is buy a good pair of walking shoes and a pedometer to track your distance and calories and you are good to go. (Generally, it is advised to check with a physician to be sure it is fine to take part in this or any other exercise activity) As with any other type of exercise, it is best to start slow. A 20 minute walking session might be fine. You can also walk at a relatively slow pace. 2.0 or 3.0 mph would be fine. (Anything over 4.0 mph is not walking, it would be jogging.) At the early stages of starting a walking for exercise program, you really should not be concerned about keeping a high pace or walking for extended durations. Eventually, you will be able to walk 3.5 mph for an hour straight if your cardiovascular and physical conditioning permits you to do so.

You Can Walk Anywhere

The most common places in which walking exercises can taken place would be in parks, at track at a fitness center or even just out and about in the neighborhood. All of these assessments are true but it is also true that you can walk pretty much anywhere. Even if you live in an apartment, you can walking for a set amount of time inside of it and gain the same health and fitness results you would gain walking anywhere else. That fact alone makes walking the perfect exercise.

Walking For Exercise

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