How Can I Gain Weight?

How Can I Gain Weight?

“How can I gain weight?” isn’t a question that most people ask – but you’d be surprised to know how many people share in this struggle. In fact, everywhere you turn it seems what you see most are articles and tips on how to take off unwanted weight.

Yet for those who need to put on some pounds, the answer lies in eating foods that contribute to weight gain and exercising to add pounds. Eating foods that are high in protein is a natural method used to add on weight, but unlike consuming empty calories in foods that aren’t good for you, gaining weight the healthy way will take a little longer to happen.

By spacing your food consumption, you can get more of the foods that help you gain. Break down breakfast, lunch and dinner and spread them into smaller meals throughout your day.

If you see that simply eating more isn’t giving you the desired weight, then you can add products that are designed to help add pounds. Some of these products might be in the form of shakes or supplements sold specifically for bulking up. You can also find muscle building dietary supplements at some health food stores online.

When you use exercise as a tool to help gain weight, you have to be careful that you don’t do the wrong kind of exercise and end up taking off pounds instead. Work with a trainer if you can to determine the best way to condition your body without losing.

If you can’t work with a trainer, then choose an exercise routine that builds muscle. Any time that muscle bulks up, you get weight gain. If you’re wondering, “How can I gain weight while exercising” (since we all know exercising is supposed to burn calories) then you may be focusing on the way you’ve exercised in the past.

While you’re exercising to gain weight, it’s important not to lose ground with the weight you’ve put on. Always start by warming up first to prevent injuries to your muscles. Begin with ten repetitions of exercises in your plan.

When you’re starting out, this isn’t the time to go all out. Pace yourself. You’re building muscle, but you’re also building your stamina – maybe introducing muscles you haven’t previously worked out before to a new routine. Some aches may develop, and this is normal – especially if you’ve lived a sedentary lifestyle.

The answer to, “How can I gain weight?” will differ depending on a variety of factors – some hereditary, some health related – but the end result can be the same for anyone – a satisfying and healthy gain.

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