High Fat Snacks That Can Actually Be Healthy

High Fat Snacks That Can Actually Be Healthy

Fat sort of has a bad name in this society, as something that we really need to be keeping away from. However, fat is something we need in our diets and a nutritional component that your body craves on a daily basis. If you’re wondering exactly how to get fat into your body in the healthiest way possible, then we’ve put together a list of food for you to snack on and get your fat levels up in the healthiest way possible!


Most people think of cheese as being pretty unhealthy, containing nothing more than dairy and fat. While it usually is filled to the brim with fat, it is also incredibly nutritious. Among the fat cheese contains calcium, vitamin B12 and protein. In this sense, cheese can provide you with various nutrients among the highly healthy fatty acids.

Full-Fat Yoghurt

Store bought yoghurt usually contains a high amount of added sugar, which you should definitely be keeping away from. However, plain full-fat yoghurt is actually incredibly good for you and can be brought into your diet in many different ways. Like cheese, it’s filled with the usual high-fat dairy positives, including the chance to really help with any digestion issues that you find you’re having.

Dark Chocolate

Once again, chocolate is a word that all health-obsessives try to steer clear from, but in doing so they’re missing out on some brilliantly tasty food that will provide them with good levels of fat. Not only will it help you bring in some healthy levels of fat, enough dark chocolate will help you bring up your antioxidant levels which can help lower your blood pressure among other things. Many experts believe that an increase in dark chocolate can have a plethora of positive health effects, alongside being a great provider of fat.

Coconut Oil

Many vegans and foodies swear by coconut oil in their regular day to day diet but many westerners either don’t realise how much coconut oil goes into their food or have never come in contact with it whatsoever. Along with huge levels of saturated fats that can help increase the amount of fatty acids contained within your body, this magic oil has also been shown to suppress the appetite in those who eat it regularly in their diet, so you can add weight loss onto the long list of things this oil is able to do.


While you’re going to have to stay away from those salted peanuts that go great with a long visit to the pub, many types of nuts can be absolutely fantastic for your healthy, being high in fat content while staying low on the calories. When snacking on nuts, you’ll be giving your body a significant amount of Vitamin E and magnesium, while also lowering your chance of heart disease in the future! If you want an extensive list of healthy nuts, it’s probably smart to give it a search on the internet, but almonds and walnuts are great place to start.

Whole Eggs

Thoughts are split in the public when it comes to the health benefits of eggs, with a lot of people staying away due to the supposed high-end level of cholesterol.  You shouldn’t fear them though, as whole eggs are fantastic sources of fat, providing you with both snack and meal options, while also being filled with vitamins and minerals. They’re filling, so can help you with weight loss and they can also shove your antioxidants through the roof.

As we said earlier, a normal amount of fat is your friend and your body very much needs it. While we as a species will often go too far with our fat intake, just as we can without our sugar, salt and carbohydrate intake, there is certainly a healthy way to get this needed component into your body, and now you know what they are.

Is Fat The Fuel Your Body Most Prefers?

It’s not really a positive thought in this modern world, but there’s a prevailing theory that fat is one of the best fuels for your body to be living off. This is why many people found a lot of brilliant results after turning to the Atkins diet a few years ago, as their bodies learnt to run off fat rather than carbohydrates. While we may not believe you should be cutting carbs out of your diet entirely like some people would argue, there’s definitely some truth that your body can thrive on quite a bit of fat in your diet.

While your body may feel as if it can’t live off a high fat diet, as you’re so used to living off a lot more than just fat, but there are ways around that. The best way to start is to cut out the carbs. You’ll probably know by now that carbohydrates are your bodies preferred form of energy, meaning these are what your body will go to for sustainable energy throughout a normal day or for a quick burst of energy during high stress moments at work and higher levels of exercise throughout the day. Your body will realise that these carbohydrates aren’t as needed as they believed once you start to cut them back from the level that it’s used to.

Once the levels of glucose and carbohydrates starts to lower in your diet, then your body will move onto different forms of energy, one of those being the fat on your body. While cutting out carbohydrates in high levels can leave you piling it back on once you start eating them, fat does not tend to work in this fashion. Your body is used to hoarding fat, so it will take to the form of energy quite well, especially if you’re also exercising as much as you need to be. However, if you’re exercising, it shouldn’t make much of a difference as long as you don’t completely neglect your body by placing it on a truly extreme diet that provides you with either too much or too little of anything.

When it comes to carbohydrates or fat, your body would much prefer fat to create energy levels, as it allows them almost double the energy with less of the work. This is the reason why your body will hold onto fat in case of hard times, our bodies evolutionarily disposed to gripping onto it just in case our diet suddenly drops, meaning it has something to work with to get your body going.

While we aren’t basic animals anymore, we can definitely learn something from how our bodies have come to evolve. Back in the day, as it were, our bodies were able to live off huge swathes of fat while being lower on other forms of energy, as they were engaging in high levels of exercise everyday while providing their body with mostly fat. This means our bodies now work in the same way, meaning that it prefers the fat you give it over other forms of fuel.

Hopefully you’ve been able to find things in this article that have proven to you that fat can be a great fuel source. That being said, our bodies are built to live off far more than just fat, so please don’t take this as an argument that you shouldn’t be pumping your body full of anything else. There’s a plethora of nutrients out there that can be found in so many forms of food, along with many delicious meals that you’ll be missing out on if you only go for fat. Make sure you’re living on a balanced diet so that your body is getting everything it needs.

How Your Body Turns Fat Into Energy When You Exercise

Whether a gym obsessive or you’re just a casual observer of this diet obsessed society, you’ve probably heard about what our bodies need to exercise and the best food to get that into your body. However, many people probably don’t see fat as being something that you want to make sure that you’re getting the most from your workout and yet you’d be wrong. Fat is essentially the component our body needs to make sure that you’re getting the best amount of energy possible, so if anything it’s the most important thing for exercise!

Let’s start with looking into how you can trick your body into thinking that it needs to start burning fat over other forms of energy. The best way to start is to cut out the carbs. As many of you will know, carbohydrates are your bodies preferred form of energy, meaning these are what your body will go to for sustainable energy throughout a normal day and quick energy when you need it for exercise. Once you start cutting these out, your body will realise it has to start going to other places for energy when you push it to the limit.

Without anywhere else to turn, your body will start to attack the fat when you’re exercising. While it isn’t literally attacking it, the exercising body will go for fat when it’s running low on carbohydrates to spend for energy. This is why many people lose weight when they cut out carbs, but start to pile them back on once they bring them back into their diet. This is why it’s best for you to just lower the amount of carbs that are in your diet rather than cut them completely. However, if you’re exercising, it shouldn’t make much of a difference as long as you don’t completely neglect your body by placing it on a truly extreme diet that provides you with either too much or too little of anything.

One of the problems with this form of diet is the worry that instead of fat, your body will start to go for your muscle when you’re working on the cardio. Heavy cardio can really affect your body, especially when done on a consistent basis throughout the weeks, so you need to make sure that you’re bringing in a good amount of fat, in healthy ways. If you don’t and you’re also cutting out the carbs, then your body will start to attack the muscle you’ve probably worked very hard to protect.

This might come as a surprise to a lot of people, the idea of the body going for something that we as a species work very hard to cultivate, but when it’s looking for energy then your body isn’t that picky to be honest. If you want to keep your exercise regime within a level that stops your body from eating up that hard earned muscle, then not only should you be constantly working on both muscle and cardio, but you need to be filling your diet with healthy foods filled with fats. A simple Google search will help you find many meals that can offer you a high level of fat that won’t lead to you piling on the pounds. Hard to believe that there’s actually a healthy form of fat in this world, am I right?

Hopefully you can now see exactly how important fat is when it comes to making sure that you don’t burn yourself out while you’re exercising as fat is the only thing you want to be burning. Maybe now you can balance your diet better so that you’re getting the most out of your exercise routine and build up your fat in a healthy way. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, but don’t leave it out of your diet entirely either.

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