Heart Healthy Fast Food

Heart Healthy Fast Food

Many people eat on the go in today’s fast-paced world.  And while eating at home is inherently healthier than eating out, you can make good choices when you’re forced to eat fast food.  There are a few guidelines you should follow when you’re browsing the fast food menu.

Many fast food chains are aware of the bad reputation that fast food has for clogging the arteries, so they’ve made menu selections that are healthier.  For example, most fast food chains offer salads on the menu.  However, watch out for the saturated fat in dressings.  Salads that have fried meat on top are less heart healthy than those that have grilled meat on them.

When it comes to sandwiches, you should look for grilled chicken sandwiches over fried.  And it’s always a good idea to ask for as many vegetables as possible to be added to your sandwich.  Choose dressings such as mustard and ketchup over mayonnaise that’s high in saturated fat.

As you’re choosing side items for your food, look for side salads and fruit cups instead of French fries.  These will pack your lunch with vitamins and fiber instead of saturated fat.  You may also want to choose juice or milk to drink with your meal instead of soda.  This will help to keep your blood sugar normalized and provide you with extra vitamins and minerals.

If you’re really craving a burger and fries, it’s okay to have them once in awhile.  However, you do want to watch portions.  Many fast food restaurants offer portions that are large enough for two or three meals.

Opting for a kid’s meal or a small burger and small fries will help to keep your intake of saturated fat to a minimum.  When you’re feeding your children fast food, remember that there are usually healthy options such as apple slices and mandarin oranges available for the kid’s meal.  You can also opt for juice or milk instead of soda.

In fast food Mexican places, a simple burrito or taco can actually be pretty healthy.  Make sure to pile on as many vegetables as possible to increase your fiber.  While a taco salad may sound healthy, it’s usually loaded with saturated fat and calories.

Eating fast food for many meals can take its toll on your heart if you don’t make good choices.  Eating meals at home is your best option, but when that’s not possible you can try the healthier options that are available for you.

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