Grow Long, Luxurious Hair With Coconut Oil

Grow Long, Luxurious Hair With Coconut Oil

If you are looking to grow out your hair, you might want to think past just waiting or trying to take supplements. While following a healthy diet can certainly help, something else that has shown to be effective in many people is using coconut oil. Here are some different ways to use coconut oil in order to help your hair grow long and healthy.

Create a Simple Coconut Oil Mask

The most basic way to use coconut oil on your hair is by creating a simple hair mask. This can be left on your hair just while you shower, for an hour or so if you have the time, or even overnight. For the best results, it is recommended that you leave it on your hair for as long as possible. You will first need to warm the coconut oil by placing it under warm water, then wash your hair or at least get it wet. Rub some of the coconut oil on your damp hair, massaging it into your hair. Leave it on overnight, or for about an hour for best results. You should rinse it with warm water, not too hot or too cold.

Prevent Dandruff With This Shampoo

You may also want to get rid of buildup or prevent dandruff on your scalp by combining the coconut oil with lemon juice. This simple combination allows you to cleanse your hair and scalp, which also happens to be great for detoxing your scalp at the same time. You just want to make sure you have 2 part coconut oil for 1 part lemon juice, so you don’t overpower it with the lemon. Combine the ingredient and add them to a container that you can keep in your bathroom. When you are ready to use it, scoop a small amount, and massage it really well into your scalp, leaving it for a few minutes. Comb it through your hair so it is even, then rinse it out with cool water, never hot water.

Make a Hair Scent Mask

This next hair mask not only helps with buildup on your scalp and to moisturize your hair and leave it shiny, but it can also help give your hair a wonderful scent. You are getting mild coconut scent from the coconut oil, plus a stronger scent from the essential oils you choose to use. This helps to cover up the smell of the environment in your hair, as well as any hair styling tools you like to use. You just need to melt your coconut oil in hot water, then mix in some heavily scented essential oils. Rosemary, peppermint, and lavender are really great for this purpose, but go ahead and just use your favorites.

Combine it With Another Oil

This helps to further give you more bounce and shine to your hair instead of just using straight coconut oil. You want to use other natural oils that won’t leave your hair greasy, such as almond oil or olive oil. Avoid other cooking oils like vegetable or canola oil. Combine with the oils together, massage into your scalp, and rinse out after a few minutes.

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