The Surprising Benefits of Coconut

The Surprising Benefits of Coconut

You might love the taste of coconut or want to use coconut oil for cleaning your teeth, but there are even more surprising benefits you might not have considered. Here are some health benefits of coconut that most people don’t talk about.

Coconut Oil Helps Reduce Seizures

One of the more surprising benefits of coconut is that it can be used to help reduce seizures. This is due to the fatty acids that are in coconut oil. These fatty acids can turn into ketones, which are then used to help reduce the severity and frequency of seizures. In fact, coconut oil is frequently given to children and adults with epilepsy as part of their overall treatment plan. You will start introducing a healthy diet with coconut oil, along with higher fat and lower carbohydrates in order to reach a ketogenic state.

You Can Use it as a Massage Oil

You have probably already considered the fact that coconut oil can be used as a massage oil, as many adults do use it for this purpose. However, one of the more surprising facts is how beneficial it can be for your newborn. New born babies have very sensitive skin that is prone to dryness, cracking, rashes, and irritation. You need to use something as natural and organic as possible, so that is why using coconut oil for your baby is so advantageous. You will be able to give your baby a relaxing massage to help them sleep while their skin reaps all the various benefits of coconut oil.

It Works as Sunscreen

Coconut, particularly with coconut oil, can also be used as a sunscreen for children and adults. While you might not want to use only coconut oil to protect your skin from UV rays if you have fair skin, it can definitely help when you don’t have any sunscreen on hand. If you are someone that tends to forget sunscreen, if you at least put some coconut oil on your skin after a shower each morning, then you will doing a great job at protecting your skin from sun damage.

Coconut Can Boost Brain Function

Coconut also has fatty acids that can be perfect for someone with lower brain function, such as older adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This often leads to dementia, which is hard on the individual and their loved ones. With coconut oil and other forms of coconut, you can help boost their brain function which helps manage the symptoms and might even keep it from turning into full-blown dementia.

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