Gain Weight Diets

Gain Weight Diets

In order to gain weight, diets that specifically target how to add muscle mass rather than fat can help show you the way. If you’re like millions who have a leaner body than you’d like, then you understand the desire to see the numbers on the scale go up.

Even if you’ve tried numerous times in the past and have failed to find success, you can reach your targeted weight goal and it’s a lot easier than you might think. You know that the body burns the food you eat as a form of energy.

In order to gain rather than lose, you have to add more energy than what you burn. Sounds simple, right? It is – as long as you’re eating the right kinds of foods that add calories.

Foods such as fruits and vegetables are referred to as empty calorie foods on weight loss diets because their calorie count is so low that you won’t gain weight eating them. So while you need to have fruits and vegetables as a healthy part of your meals, your focus needs to be on the foods that add pounds – namely the foods that are very high in calories.

Remember that 3500 calories is equivalent to a pound of weight gain. So if you’re consuming 3500 calories but you’re burning off 4,000, then obviously, you won’t gain. When you want to gain weight, diets that focus on the a higher calorie intake are always a healthy way to reach your goal.

On the flip side of that is knowing how you can eat a lot of higher calorie foods and still be hungry enough to eat more. It’s that knowledge that will give you success now where there’s been only failure in the past.

What will work as a calorie intake level for one person may not work for others. There are variables at play in each person’s life – such as how much energy you expend each day on your activities. You also have to take into account your metabolism and family history.

Eat before you work out. Carbohydrates are known to give the body energy fast, which makes them a great food to eat before you hit the gym to work those muscles. If you want to gain weight, but don’t want to end up with bulky muscles, then you want to tone the muscles rather than hitting the exercise repetitions you would to bulk up.

To gain weight, diets that work will also sometimes suggest consuming products you can take between meals. You can find products (these will come in forms like shakes, powders, supplements etc.) that are based on your nutritional needs that can help you add the calories and the weight you desire.

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