Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, which are sometimes called resistance tubes or cords, are a convenient and easy to use way to practice bodyweight training exercises at home or anywhere.

They’re made of tough rubber that can handle a lot of bodyweight pressure. These bands can be used in place of weights and can give you an overall muscle group workout – plus, they help strengthen bones.

They’re great for compound exercises and add balance as well as strength to your body. They can be used by beginners or the more experienced exerciser – and can be used regardless of the age of the person exercising.

These bands can be adjusted to give you an easy, moderate or tough workout. So as you gain in strength and stamina, you can adjust the resistance accordingly.

If you’ve worked out using weights before, you can use a resistance band in the place of whatever exercise you used with the weights. Although the bands are lighter and easier to handle, you’ll still get the same workout level you’d get using weights.

They can be used for presses. They can also be used to work your triceps or biceps. You can even use them for squats. There are very few exercises that you can’t do with resistance bands.

One of the best ways to buy resistance bands is to get the ones that come in a set. These sets will offer you different levels of resistance limits. Plus, you save money by buying them together rather than separately.

The Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set is a good one to get. You’ll receive five different bands with various weights. You’ll get the 2-4 lbs. band, the 4-6 lbs. band, the 10-12 lbs. band, the 15-20 lbs. band and the 25-30 lbs. band.

These bands can be used separately for various exercises, but they can also be used in a mixture so that you get different ranges of resistance levels. You could easily combine the 4 lb. band with the 25 lb. Band, for example.

They can be attached to handles or ankle straps. With this set, you’ll get the bands and a carrying case for the bands. But you’ll also get a door anchor and an ankle strap so you don’t have to buy that separately.

Best Durability also offers a set of bands that are 10” by 2”. These are durable and made of latex for long lasting use. They can be used for squats, walks and more and they easily work various muscle groups.

You can wear them on the ankles, knees, legs or thighs for resistance exercises – but they can also be used with objects for resistance. These come in different resistance levels of light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. When you’re just beginning, you would use the light band and work your way up to the extra heavy resistance.

Best Resistance Bands For Exercise

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