Finding Time to Exercise During a Busy Day

Finding Time to Exercise During a Busy Day

If you want to get in some good exercise during the day, instead of just trying to find small ways to fit in basic workouts, there are still ways to do that. This is good when you really want to work on your fitness, whether you are toning up, losing the baby weight, or are trying to avoid weight-related diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Try out these tips when you are a busy mom and you want to fit in longer workouts during the day.

Exercise at the Park

You can start multi-tasking certain errands or outings by turning them into physical activities. If your kids want to go to the park or your dogs need more exercise, bring them all with you to a local park. Let your dogs run around and play and your kids play in the playground, while you also get some good exercise. If you are there alone with them, you will want to keep supervising, so stick close to the playground and use the equipment there. Try to do pushups on the bars, challenge your kids to running up the slide if nobody is waiting to use it, and jog in place while pushing the kids on the swings. This can be a full-body workout just by going to the park with your family.

Walk or Jog During Your Lunch Breaks

When you are taking a lunch break at work, use that time to get in a short workout. Whether you have 30, 45 or 60 minutes for lunch, it can become your primary workout each day. If you eat a big breakfast and have a mid-morning snack, you shouldn’t be too hungry at lunch time. Eat a light lunch, then go on a walk or a jog during your lunch break. You can then have another light meal in the afternoon while you are still at work, and have a large dinner to make sure you have enough sustenance throughout the day.

Start Exercising as a Family

If you tend to have your kids all day with you, then involve them in the workouts! Fitness doesn’t have to be something you do all alone. Childhood obesity is a serious risk, so the more your kids exercise, the better off they will be! Plus this helps to start a healthy ritual you do every day, which teaches your kids the importance of being physically healthy. One great way to exercise with the kids, even on a busy day, is to have an afternoon walk after dinner. Let everyone’s bellies settle after dinner while you wash the dishes. Once that is done, everyone puts on sneakers and walks around the neighborhood for 30 minutes

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