Exercise Toys for the Home Gym

Exercise Toys for the Home Gym

Are you lucky enough to be able to have your own home gym but are unsure of what exactly to put into it?  Or do you have enough space to work out in, but aren’t sure what exercise equipment will fit into your living space? Here are some exercise toys that will finally make your home gym complete.

If you have a home gym with a cable pulley, then there are many great exercise toys to add onto that.  One of them is a rope attachment. This makes triceps press downs easier to perform.  This is also great to replace a lat bar that is generally used for triceps press downs.

Other great exercise toys for the home gym are fun things such as yoga or exercise balls.  These help many aspects of your body, most important the core strength you build.  These balls can be used in combination with DVDs (that may or may not come with it) or they could also be used to create your own workout regimens.

Yoga mats also make nice exercise toys for your home gym.  They come in many colors and sizes – you can pick them according to your taste and what you will be using them for.

An E-Z Bar is another great addition to your home gym.  In many fitness and exercise stores, these can be found for under $40.  The E-Z Bar allows you to enhance your workout as well as create a new one.  Curls can be interchanged with E-Z Bar Curls in order to work the biceps from a different angle.

Other great additions to a home gym include steps, various dumbbell sets, and stretch ropes. Exercise toys for the home gym come in all shapes and sizes. You just have to find the ones that are right for you.

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