Countertop Blender Ideas for Better Health

Countertop Blender Ideas for Better Health

It seems that we’re always searching for better ways to save time in the kitchen while still preparing nutritious meals for ourselves and family. Countertop blenders have become the newest hot item to ensure getting all of the nutrition we need from one powerful container.

Some fruits and vegetables provide better quality and quantity of nutrients when blended rather than cooked. That’s why so many have turned to smoothies and juicing for health.

Like other types of kitchen appliances, the new countertop blenders come in all sizes, shapes, prices and benefits. If your kitchen is short of counter space, check out the blenders with a smaller footprint than the older, more traditional models.

There are the personal, to-go models which only contain 3 ½ or less of liquid and you can take it with you. No matter which size you choose, you’ll be turning ordinary fruits and veggies into a powerful and convenient meal by pulverizing them and preserving the nutrients.

The more expensive countertop blenders strive to provide the consumer with space saving engineering and technologically advanced ways to blend your foods. Some are made to mimic professional power appliances with blades built to crush ice and pulverize veggies and fruits into a liquid drink.

If you want the ultimate in convenience, you can choose a countertop blender that grinds, chops and blends whole vegetables into soups or sauces within 10 seconds. Some even come with extras such as pitchers and to-go mugs which are sealable and won’t spill.

Some new countertop blenders resemble a futuristic appliance, made with stainless steel and bullet shapes. Others may look like the blenders of yesterday, but have amazing new powers that can save nutrients better and get the job done faster.

It’s incredibly easy and time-saving to eat healthier with a blender. You don’t have to resort to a tasteless liquid diet to enjoy the benefits. Whip up fabulous recipes such as a spring onion frittata or a mango-yogurt smoothie – or try the Greek yogurt blender pancakes to get you through the morning.

Blend artichokes and tomatoes to make a hearty soup or wake up your taste buds with homemade salsa. You’ll be amazed at the wide array of recipes for blenders that will keep you healthy and save time

Take a quick look online to see the wide array of countertop blenders and choose one that’s right for you and your family. Also, check out the online recipes and books of recipes available that will give you an entirely new way of thinking about how you can enhance your health and save food prep time with blenders.

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