Take Advantage of Swimming for Exercise during the Warm Months

Take Advantage of Swimming for Exercise during the Warm Months

Do you enjoy soaking up the summer sun with sand in between your toes?  Do you want to make sure you’re able to rock that little polka-dot bikini?  Take advantage of swimming for exercise during these warm months!

Swimming for exercise could very well be the best thing you do during the summer for your health. Swimming is great for your body – it works so many different muscles. Swimming hits your lungs, arms, legs, and abs, too – all while cooling you down.

While in the pool, you can create fun while using swimming for exercise with lots of toys such as a basketball net, water volleyball net and ball, water bombs, and weights.  While these may seem like they’re for children, adults will have lots of fun doing it too because you’re squeezing in exercise while playing.

The great thing about using the water while you work out is that it’s easy on your body. You won’t feel the strain on your joints that you would if you were jogging on a hard surface such as a road or even the treadmill.

Water weights are great for extra resistance – up to 12 times as much as exercise done in air. You don’t have to be in a gym, sweating and miserable while you build muscle. Swimming for exercise during the warm months is the best thing to do so that you have fun while working out.

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