Keep The Kettle Boiled For Optimal New Year Health

Keep The Kettle Boiled For Optimal New Year Health

If you have committed to eating healthy in the New Year then you will know all about the importance of choosing the right foods.  But did you know that drinking the right drinks can help you too?  Hot beverages in particular can really help maximise your health in the New Year.  In this article I explain why hot drinks are an integral part of any healthy eating plan.

Tea And Flavan-3-ols

If you stay up to speed with all the latest healthy eating news then you will know that green tea has a number of impressive health benefits.  But did you know that regular black tea also offers these benefits?

Both types of tea are rich in a group of health boosting nutrients called flavan-3-ols.  These flavan-3-ols have been linked with cancer prevention, healthy blood, a healthy heart, a reduced risk of mental disorders and much more.  Green tea contains high levels of flavan-3-ols which is the reason it gets all the praise but black tea still contains good levels of these powerful nutrients.

Coffee And Hydroxycinnamic Acids

Tea is not the only health boosting hot beverage out there.  Coffee gives tea a serious run for its money in this area.  The secret ingredient in this hot beverage is hydroxycinnamic acids.  Like the flavan-3-ols, hydroxycinnamic acids are highly protective and keep your body safe from cancer and diabetes.  They also support all round good health and keep your blood, your bones and your heart healthy.

Beware Of Caffeine Overdose

Although tea and coffee are an integral part of any healthy eating plan, both of these hot drinks contain caffeine which can be dangerous in large quantities.  Mild caffeine overdose can lead to sleep problems, a rapid heartbeat and extreme thirst whilst serious caffeine overdose can cause confusion, convulsions and loss of consciousness.

To avoid these nasty caffeine overdose symptoms you should make sure you drink no more than 3 cups of coffee or no more than 10 cups of black tea or green tea each day.  So for example, you could drink 1 cup of coffee and 7 cups of tea each day or 2 cups of coffee and 4 cups of tea.  These combinations would give you a good mix of flavan-3-ols and hydroxycinnamic acids and help you avoid even the mildest caffeine overdose symptoms.


When it comes to healthy eating you need to focus on everything you put into your body – not just the foods you eat.  So make sure you put the kettle to good use in the New Year, brew up regularly and give your body a steady supply of health boosting coffee and tea.

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