Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey is something you see in many DIY recipes and health food recipes. Unfortunately, most of these recipes do not tell you why the honey is added or the benefits it will have to your body as a whole. This may leave you wondering why you should add it, why you should use specifically raw honey, and what benefits it is going to give to your body. Here are a few of the answers that may help you make the choice for raw honey in the future.


One of the leading benefits of raw honey is that is an all-in-one remedy that can replace several of your current supplements. For example, if you are taking supplements for anti-inflammatory or for digestive issues and antioxidants than consider chunking them in the bin and going with just raw honey. Raw honey is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and is loaded with antioxidants. It even helps with digestive issues that range from constipation to upset stomachs and ulcers.

Reduction of Allergies

Allergies are an issue for many people and some have them more severe than others. If you are having to load up on allergy medicine everyday just to get through your day without a headache, or if you are tired of being tired from the same medicine, then raw honey may be ideal. You can use honey water on a daily basis and it will start to have lasting effects within a few days to a few weeks. This does not help on it’s own. You will need to make sure that you take additional steps, such as cleaning your home and vacuuming or using hepa filters throughout your home to help reduce the allergy causing agents as well.

Natural Energy

Natural energy is one of the key reasons that many people have turned to raw honey in their diet and especially in their weight loss journey’s. You can take just a few spoonfuls of raw honey a day or add it to your coffee in the morning. You’ll find after a few tries of this that you won’t need the costly and dangerous energy drinks you’ve been taking when your afternoon crash hits. You will also see an increase in energy before your workouts as well.

These benefits are the three main benefits that raw honey can offer you. Remember, raw honey is the most pure and organic form you can buy. If the honey is not raw it may be cut with processed sugars and other preservatives that take away from the health benefits. One way to check for raw honey is either looking on the label or buying honey that has a piece of the honeycomb in it.

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