Full Body Detox

Full Body Detox

With all of the pollutants in the environment, it’s no wonder that your body doesn’t perform at maximum efficiency. While you can control the environment inside your home, you spend many hours a day in places where you have no control over the environmental conditions.

That’s where much of the damage is done. And it’s often cellular damage – impairing the cells in your skin that are aging prematurely.  Because your whole body is exposed to toxins, you need a full body detox regularly to remove accumulated toxins from water, food and air pollution.

Even in our cities with sophisticated water systems, parasites defy detection and get passed along to unsuspecting hosts. Metal, chemical and smoke toxins linger in the body and damage your immune system. If you do nothing, you begin to feel the effects.

Detox is a natural way to renew your body that’s been used since ancient civilizations. It’s not something new. You can purchase a detox kit from a reputable health food store and follow the directions.

Or, you can set up your own detox process by eating only raw foods or drinking only fresh juices from raw vegetables for a week – then gradually adding back other fruits, vegetables, grains and rice.

The purpose of a detox is to cleanse your body by expelling all of the toxic build up. It takes two to three weeks to flush out the toxins from your kidneys, liver and other organs. You may need to arrange your schedule to complete the detox process.

During detox, you need adequate sleep and relaxation to support your body in the cleansing process. Stress is the enemy of a detox and will short circuit the process, making all of this effort ineffective.

If you’re new to detox, you may want to work with a qualified naturopath to help you monitor the process. The naturopath can design a detox plan that meets your individual needs.

This is the ideal time to seek help from the naturopath or a nutritionist to design a diet that will be more supportive of your body. Once you’ve cleansed away the donuts, double cheeseburgers and French fries, don’t go back to that way of eating again. Your body will be primed for change, so make the most of it with new healthier food choices.

After the detox, you can return to your regular vitamin and mineral supplements. If you’re taking any prescription medication, consult your physician before beginning the detox.

Whatever you do, don’t take it on yourself to stop taking the medication. Sudden change like that can create new complications.  Detox done right is a new beginning, setting your body on a course for good health and longevity.

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