Clean Eating Desserts

Clean Eating Desserts

When it comes to switching to a healthier diet, people are often the assumption that they can no longer treat themselves. However, this is not true at all. You can still enjoy desserts, it just might be something a little different than what you are used to. Here are some clean eating desserts to try out.

Flourless Banana Bread

On the clean eating diet, you are not supposed to have refined carbs, which unfortunately includes white flour. This is a processed type of flour that should be avoided. While you can still have other forms of flour, like whole wheat flour or coconut flour, you may also want to prepare a dessert with no flour at all. There is a version of banana bread that does just that. To make banana bread without the flour, you will use rolled oats, ripe bananas, baking soda, eggs, and maple syrup. Make sure when you are done baking it, that it is stored in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t spoil.

Dark Chocolate Fruit Bites

This is a really fun dessert that everyone in the family will enjoy, but that isn’t too difficult or too sweet. Not only is dark chocolate allowed in clean eating when you pay close attention to the cacao content, but it provides good antioxidants for you. The higher the cacao in the dark chocolate, the less preservatives in it. Try to find 73% or higher cacao if you can. You just need to melt the dark chocolate, then pour small amounts of the chocolate onto wax paper. Before the chocolate hardens, top it with some chopped nuts and small pieces of dried fruit.

Apple Chips

You can make your very own apple chips that can be used to replace potato chips as a snack, or even turned into a healthy dessert. All you need to do is slice up apples thinly, then add some ground cinnamon and a small amount of sugar. Lay them on a sprayed cookie sheet and bake for a couple hours, or until they turn into a chip that is slightly soft. You can eat these alone or dip them in any clean eating-approved dip or ice cream. They are great when dipped into banana nice cream, which is made from frozen bananas.

Keep in mind your dessert can be as simple as a few pieces of high cacao dark chocolate in the evening to satiate your sweet tooth.

Best Clean Eating Desserts

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