Transitioning Your Kids to the Keto Diet

Transitioning Your Kids to the Keto Diet

It helps when your entire household can go on the ketogenic diet with you so that you aren’t making separate meals for your family. One challenge is getting your kids used to a keto diet when it is far different from the diet they are accustomed to. The following tips will be beneficial when transitioning them to the keto diet.

Get Rid of All the Non-Approved Food Items

To start with, it helps to start getting rid of any food items, snacks, and drinks in your kitchen that are not approved by the keto diet. This might be hard at first since you are cutting off the food source all at once, so if you feel your children would do better with just one thing at a time, go ahead and do this gradually. You want all high-carb snacks like cookies, cakes, candy, chips, and most crackers to be out of the kitchen. Also start increasing low-carb side dishes for meals and reducing how much rice and pasta you serve with your protein.

Let Them Help With Lunches

Kids like to be involved in things, especially when the changes affect their life in such a major way. You can definitely get them more excited about switching to the keto diet when you let them help choose meals. Have them start by putting their own lunch together. Make sure they know the foods they can have and give a little lesson on proper balancing. Work with your kids to put together nutritious and filling keto lunches that they will enjoy.

Think About Keto-Friendly Snacks For the Car

You might spend quite a bit of time in the car with your kids on the way to doctor’s appointments, going to soccer practice, and picking them up from school. To avoid giving them snacks that are filled with sugar and carbs, try to re-think the types of snacks you bring along. For example, pack a small cooler with celery sticks and peanut butter or bring along small bags of nuts, such as almonds, and walnuts. Having some string cheese that is kept cool in the car is another great option for kids who are sticking to the keto diet.

Work Together as a Family to Prepare Meals

You can further encourage your kids to becoming involved in the keto diet by cooking and preparing meals as a family. Have your kids look online to find keto-friendly recipes by telling them some ingredients they can include, have kids help prep veggies, or put together casseroles if they are old enough.

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