Coping With Migraines

Coping With Migraines

With so much information out there it is difficult to know what direction to take as a migraine sufferer. There are so many products out there and so many different techniques and medications that you can’t tell which are the best to try out.

The best thing to do is to stick to a treatment plan and stay with it. When you keep jumping from one idea to the next – not only are you not getting any success with your migraines – but you are also not taking the time to work out which techniques are working for you. This is because, like with most things, treatments take time to work an you need to stick it out long enough to notice any effects.

If you are taking medication given from your doctor, try to avoid self-medicating with more over-the-counter medication, unless your doctor has agreed to this. It is important to have a good outline and understanding of what is working for you and so it is essential that you remain consistent.

As well as trying to find out if there are any triggers of your migraines, also consider other factors such as the time of day that your migraines occur and after what events. Do you get them when you are tired? Do you get them when you exercise? Do you get them when you are in a certain temperature – for example, in the bath? Do you get them when you are stressed? Make yourself a migraine diary, documenting all of these facts so that you can begin to see the larger picture of what is actually happening and you may begin to notice some patterning.

A top tip is to make sure that you try to reduce any stress. Stress is a common cause of migraines and so you should remove yourself from stressful situations and learn some relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or even a form of martial art. There are many different ways that you can relax and you do not necessarily need to learn something like meditation or even leave the house to relax. Spend some time to yourself listening to some calming music or reading a gently book and make sure that you are not thinking of anything too taxing. You need to be able to find time for yourself in order to reduce your migraines.

Get some exercise. Exercise has constantly been shown to have positive effects for migraine sufferers. Make sure that, at minimum and if you are able to, that you get at least twenty minutes exercise at least three times per week. This can be exercise such as brisk walking, jogging or getting yourself on the treadmill if that’s your preferred form of exercise. Taking part in team sports is another great way to get the exercise that you need to help your migraines while making it fun. Take your dog for a walk and head into the outdoors.

Make sure that you are eating a good diet and that you reduce or cut out smoking and alcohol – each of these are known triggers of migraines. Aim to keep yourself feeling great.

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