Bosu Ball Moves For Killer Abs

Bosu Ball Moves For Killer Abs

When you first look at using bosu balls for your workout routine, you may look at legs and thighs as the prime area of focus. There are other benefits to using a bosu ball. One of those benefits is directly related to your abs. If you are having issues with getting the results you want from your ab workouts, then consider these bosu ball moves. They are designed to give you killer abs and help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.


You may think that you are already doing planks for your abs. Though you might be, the bosu ball can help you step up your planking game. This can be done easily, at least in theory, since it is all about balance when the bosu ball comes into play. Take your bosu ball and flip it over so the stabilizer, or flat side, is facing up. This makes the ball the balancing factor in the workout. Use it with your feet or your hands and start your plank. The idea is to keep the bosu ball centered while you do the plank. This will work your arms, your abs, and your core.

Side Plank

The side plank can be done with the bosu ball, but it will need some practice. It can also be adjusted for advanced side planking later. To do the beginner bosu ball side plank, simply set up your ball with the flat or stabilizing side down. Place your arm with your forearm flat on the center of the ball. Now, move your body to the side and start your plank. You will be using your arm to keep the balance of your body on the ball. Once you have done this on one side, you can flip to the other side. When you need to advance, flip the ball over and use the ball as the stabilizer.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers can help give you killer abs, but you can step up your game with your bosu ball. Use the ball as normal, with the flat stabilizing side down. Place your hands on the center of the ball and begin your mountain climbers as normal. As you need to advance, flip the ball over and begin to use the balance technique reversed with the ball to the ground and the flat side up.

These are only a few of the moves that you can use on a bosu ball to get ab results. There are others that you will find as you advance your bosu ball workouts and adjust your goals.

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