Aromatherapy For Stress

Aromatherapy For Stress Relief

Stress can have a truly negative effect on our health. Modern medicine has not found a safe way to create a stress free situation in our lives. This can be where looking into alternative medicine can be the answer. Aromatherapy has used a variety of essential oils throughout history to decrease a patients stress. These methods are completely safe and without side effects, as long as the patient does not have a allergy to the particular component used.

Lavender is probably the most popular essential oil to help with stress. It has a long track record of being safe and totally effective. Most also find that it not only reduces their stress, but it also elevates their mood.

Rosemary and sandalwood are also other popular choices. These two have a particularly pleasant aroma so are good for adding an overall scent scheme to a room without overpowering it.

There are a few other materials that are well known for their stress relieving properties. Many of these are usually used in what is called a “blend.” Blends are mixes of essential oils that have similar properties. It is thought that these effects are cumulative in nature, therefore you can get all of the benefits of each in a truly potent blend.

These other materials include: geranium, palma rosa, juniper, frankincense, cypress, basil, chamomile, ylang ylang, bergamot, and geranium jasmine. Using lavender or rosemary as a base and then adding a few of these materials can make a quick and easy method of stress relief aromatherapy.

These mixes should be used in what is known as a “carrier oil.” These are base oils such as Almond oil. These will act to make the scents less intense, while allowing you to stretch the amount of money that is spent on the aromatic materials. Essential oils are so potent that it would be hard to sprinkle a few drops around without overwhelming oneself with the scents.

There are a numerous ways to experience these aromatherapy essential oils. The most popular is to use a diffuser. A diffuser is filled with water and a few drops of whatever essential oils you choose. When plugged in, it will infuse the air around the room with the scent. This is the most efficient use of the material, and most models allow you to set a timer so it can be used to fall asleep.

The oils can also just be sprinkled around the house. Lavender is a very traditional material to sprinkle on a pillow. It not only helps with stress relief, but it can also help with falling to sleep naturally. Aromatherapy oils can also be dropped directly in a hot bath. The steam will help disperse it around the room.

It’s very important to test a few different blends to find out which is the most effective for your personal situation. Stress is not something that can be cured. It is something that has to be managed, and using aromatherapy techniques can help in that process.

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