Top 10 BOSU Ball DVDs

Top 10 BOSU Ball DVDs

The BOSU ball is a brilliant fitness device and can help you increase your balance, core strength and stability significantly.  However, finding exercises to perform on the BOSU ball can be difficult.  One thing that really helps me when I am running out of ideas is BOSU ball DVDs.  BOSU ball DVDs provide you with a wide range of full body workouts and individual exercises that you can perform on the BOSU ball.  They are a great way to expand your knowledge and find new and interesting BOSU ball workouts.  Below is a list of my top 10 BOSU ball DVDs.


1) Total Body Blast – Best Of BOSU Balance Trainer


This DVD presented by Mindy Mylrea is aimed at more advanced BOSU ball users and provides you with an intense full body workout.  It covers abdominal exercises, cardio exercises, leg exercises and upper body exercises.





2) Bosu Core Synergy


This DVD presented byCandice Copeland Brooks focuses on your core and provides you with a range of abdominal and back exercises that can be performed on the BOSU ball.  Each exercise is explained clearly and for the more difficult exercises an easier alternative is given which makes the DVD suitable for both beginners and advanced BOSU ball users.

Bosu Core Synergy DVD with Candice Copeland Brooks



3) BosuReactive Strength And Power


This DVD presented by Gay Gasper is an advanced BOSU ball workout that focuses on increasing your strength and power.  It provides you with a range of functional exercises that can be performed on the BOSU ball and is broken down into the following three sections; cardio, lower body and upper body.

Bosu Reactive Strength and Power with Gay Gasper



4) Stott Pilates: Intermediate BOSU


This DVD presented by Moira Merrithew provides you with an intermediate Stott Pilates workout that can be performed on the BOSU ball.  It covers a range of exercises starting with simple and static exercises and moving on to more challenging and dynamic exercises.




5) BOSU Cardio Fusion


This DVD presented by Rob Glickprovides you with an energizing cardio workout that incorporates dance and step patterns.  It’s great fun and burns through a substantial number of calories.

Bosu Cardio Fusion DVD with Rob Glick


6) BOSU Body Bar’s Explode


This DVD presented by Mindy Mylrea uses a body bar in conjunction with the BOSU ball to provide you with a number of innovative workouts.  It challenges both your mind and your muscles as you work through a variety of cardio and strength exercises.

Body Bar’s Explode DVD


7) BOSU Sports Series – Basketball


This DVD featuring Peter Twistprovides you with a number of innovative BOSU ball conditioning techniques that can help improve your basketball game.  The exercises focus on specific areas of your game and can help improve your braking, dribbling, landing, pivoting, shooting and more.

Bosu Sports Series – Basketball DVD


8) BOSU Sports Series – Golf


This DVD featuring Phil Arney provides you with a range of BOSU ball drills that can enhance your golf game.  It can help you to control short shots or putts, drive the ball further, improve your swing and more.

Bosu Sports Series – Golf DVD



9) BOSU Sports Series – Skiing AndSnowboarding


This DVD featuring Douglas Brooks provides you a BOSU ball workout that can help you become a master of the slopes.  The drills focus on a number of areas that can make you a better skier or snowboarder such as accelerating, jumping, maintaining control,moving in and out of turns and more.

Bosu Sports Series – Skiing and Snowboarding DVD


10) BOSU Sports Series – Soccer


This DVD featuring Phil Arney helps you improve your soccer skills with a number of BOSU ball specific drills.  It can help you enhance your ball control, heading, independent leg control, movement, passing, shooting, running and more.

Bosu Sports Conditioning Series Soccer DVD with Phil Arney




If you are running out of ways to exercise on the BOSU ball, these DVDs should provide you with a new lease of life.  I’ve tried to make sure the DVDs cover a wide range of BOSU topics so whether you are trying to improve your balance, build core strength or train for sports, there should be a DVD for you here.  Have a browse, find the DVD that looks most suitable for you, then buy a copy and expand your BOSU ball knowledge.

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