3 Best Exercises For Stress Relief

3 Best Exercises For Stress Relief

You may have heard that exercise is good for many things, including your stress related issues and stress relief. Though you have probably heard this, you may be wondering how it can help your specific stress. The key to remember is that everyone has different reactions to stress. Some people become quiet while others become aggressive. Here are some of the best exercises for stress relief based on your reaction to the stress and how well the exercise can help with not only the stress relief but the way you react to the stress as a whole.


If you deal with stress, or are dealing with your stress, with an aggressive viewpoint then kickboxing may be the ideal exercise for you. It is very physical and allows you to get out your aggression on a practice dummy or bag. Let’s face it, we all have that moment where a physical display of emotion would make us feel better but we can’t do that legally. This is the next best thing and will help work your muscle groups as well as help with balance and stress relief. Most gyms or martial arts studios do offer some form of kickboxing or boxing classes.


Running helps you drop weight, stay flexible, and most of all it helps you think. You are alone for the run, in most cases, and you can focus on your issues and pushing the stress out of your body through the run. You can do this at an indoor track, on a treadmill, or just outside. Running is not for everyone, but if you love the feeling of pushing yourself until all the stress is out and you are physically exhausted, then this may be the ideal option for you. This is especially ideal for people who want to be alone to deal with their stress.


It goes without saying that yoga helps with stress. There are many poses you can do to release stress and toxins from your system. Yoga is an exercise to reach for when you want a calming way of removing the stress from your day and your body. You may not feel aggression towards to the stress, but you still want it removed in a healthy and soothing way. That is what this can do for you. Yoga can also help with blood pressure and regulating your breathing to help calm your entire body.

These exercises should be kept in mind and swapped out for your mood, the stress level, and how you are reacting to that stress at the time. There is no one exercise that can help with all types of stress, but if you know these exercises you will have one at your disposal to turn to when the stress does happen.

Best Exercises For Stress Relief 

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