Yoga Poses For IBS

Yoga Poses For IBS

The physical health of the human body is far more interconnected than most people realize. Most people know that working out can help you to feel more healthy and full of energy, but very few people recognize the benefits that come from the release of hormones. Yoga is a relatively low impact exercise that engages the entire body. These exercises are great for people who suffer from IBS because of their gentle, easy going nature, so this article will give you a short list of yoga poses for IBS.

Gate Pose

Begin in an upright kneeling position. Extend your right leg out to your right with your foot flat to the ground as if your toes were reaching for coins on the ground. Take a breath in and raise your left arm above your head, breathe out and lean towards your right leg. Place your right hand on your shin. Reach with your left arm towards your right leg. Keep your head from being too strained and keep your face completely relaxed. Stay in the pose for 6 – 10 breaths, then return to the upright kneeling stance and repeat the reverse for the other side. End with the kneeling.

Half-Seated Spinal Twist

Get into a seated position and cross your left leg so that the bottom of your left foot points toward your right, and lines up with your right hip. Then place your right leg over your left with your right foot flat on the ground in front of your left knee. Be sure that you are balanced well with your back fully extended. Slowly spin your torso towards the right. Wrap your left arm around your right knee and slowly exhale, continue to twist just a bit more and stop before it becomes uncomfortable. Hold this pose for 6 – 10 breaths and reverse to the other side and direction.

Reclining Abdominal Twist

Starting on your back, bend and squeeze your right leg to your body as you slowly breathe outward. Hold the pose for a few breaths. Bend your right leg at the knee and bring it across your body to the left pointing your knee straight out to the left. Extend your right arm back along the shoulder line and place your palm flat on the ground. Hold this pose for 6 – 10 breaths and go back to the flat lying position. Repeat the reverse for the other side.

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