Why More Women Are Pursuing Power Fitness Regimens

Why More Women Are Pursuing Power Fitness Regimens

You may have heard lots of chatter in the news lately about inequality in the workplace in terms of equal pay. For a long time, women have been underestimated (and underestimated themselves) about their capabilities.

Now, there’s a whole movement of powerhouse thinkers who are women who want to achieve goals previously not presented to them. When it comes to physical strength, you can watch a movie like GI Jane with Demi Moore and ask yourself how many women you personally know who would put themselves out there like that?

When Demi took the role of Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, she didn’t allow a body double to stand in for her during obstacle courses and training – or even the shaving of her head. She did it herself.

Workouts started at 4 AM every morning and combined Navy SEAL training with that of Samurai Warriors. It takes this kind of dedication if you want to achieve feats previously off limits to you.

Some people observe that women are staying single longer now – some even throughout their entire lives – so they want to feel empowered in various ways to be self sufficient.

That includes being able to take care of themselves physically, nurture their own mindset so they’re not codependent on others, and withstand the grueling competition when it comes to competing for the best jobs out there.

You may not have any desire to be the next GI Jane – but you can learn how to get yourself to a point where you refuse to “ring the bell” and quit. There’s a place deep inside of you where fear does not reside and strength is all you know.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that much power on tap that you can reach into whenever and wherever you need it? It’s possible, if you’re willing to set aside prior gender stereotypes and go for the formidable life you’ve always wanted.

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