What is Stress IBS?

What is Stress IBS?

Stress is one thing that is definitely bad for your health. Hormones that are produced when you are stressed out can contribute to a range of ailments and make it far more difficult to heal from injury or sickness. With IBS, there is an entirely different level of things that need to be addressed. The digestive tract works best when people are relaxed and in a good mood. When stress is surrounding situations, it can be very difficult to consume and break down food properly. That means that you are now fighting inflammation and malfunction.

Physical Stress

Anything that we do can cause stress. If you have a very physical job, that places stress on your body due to the constant need for efficient performance. That can affect you in ways that you don’t expect. Especially because the symptoms of IBS are always changing and often becoming entirely different issues than those that you had when it began to first manifest. If possible, you should try to find a line of work that won’t be quite as demanding, if that’s not a possibility for you then you should be sure to spend as much time relaxing during flare ups as you can.

Emotional Stress

Life is full of surprises, but a lot of times, they aren’t the kinds of surprises that we would really want to experience. Sudden changes whether good or bad cause stress no matter what we do. It’s just how the mind works, so it can be especially difficult when the sudden changes are negative. This kind of emotional upheaval can disrupt your concentration and send you spiraling into an IBS flare up. Flare ups that come quickly like that will cause stress, and then you are dealing with a combination of physical and emotional stress.

Empathetic Stress

One stress that few people really consider is that of empathetic stress. There are times in life when you need to hold some space for yourself, so that the lives of others don’t interfere with your productivity. It takes a very high level of security with yourself to handle the ups and downs of other people, but if another person can stress you out so much that your digestive tract begins to have issues, it’s probably best to allow yourself a small amount of space. This can help you to heal so that you can be available. Be reasonable about your limitations.

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