Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil

Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil

When you start gathering different essential oils to use for natural health and other purposes, lemon should be one you get. Instead of coming from the plant itself, lemon essential oil is unique in that it is pressed from the peels of the lemon. Here are some different ways you can use this particular type of essential oil.

Use it For a Disinfectant

Are you tired of using chemical cleaners and those containing alcohol? If you just want to disinfect areas of your home, like kitchen countertops or doorknobs, you can do so by making a natural spray with lemon essential oil. Not only does the lemon disinfect areas naturally, but the scent makes it smell much better in your home every time you use it. Fill a spray water with water and add about 20 drops of lemon oil. You can also add some tea tree oil, which provides even more disinfectant power. Spray the areas where you need disinfecting and wipe away.

Improve Your Oral Health

Lemon is also really good for your teeth and gums. While lemon juice directly on your teeth can be too harsh and strip the enamel, there are ways to use the lemon essential oil. For one thing, you can add a few drops to a small cup of water and gargle with it after you have brushed your teeth or between meals. This is going to give you fresh breath and help with halitosis. Another option is to whiten your teeth by mixing baking soda with lemon oil and brushing your teeth with it after your regular tooth brushing routine.

It Improves Your Mood and Gives You Energy

If you aren’t a morning person, but have obligations forcing you to get up early every day, lemon essential oil can be your new best friend. It will improve your mood and make you feel refreshed, which gives you a nice boost of energy in the morning. Try using a diffuser with some essential oil in an area of your home where you spend the most time in the morning, whether it is your kitchen while preparing breakfast for the kids, or your bathroom when you are getting ready.

These are some really simple ways to use lemon essential oil that helps get you ready for the day, improves your oral hygiene, and gives you a clean house. As you can see, lemon essential oil is a great one to add to your collection.

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