Try These 5 Essential Oils For Stress

Try These 5 Essential Oils For Stress

Essential oils can be used for nearly every issue in your life including, and most importantly, stress. You probably already know about lavender being a key essential oil, but there are others that can be used for stress both topically and in a diffuser. Here are five essential oils that can help with stress and be mixed to help give you a powerful topical or diffused option for your entire family.


Vetiver is an essential oil that is listed as calming, but it actually does something specific. Vetiver oil can help with feelings of jitteriness or with hyperactivity. This makes it ideal if you are very nervous or jumpy for whatever reason. You can mix it with other oils, but it ideally should be used as a stand alone oil for specific issues dealing with feeling jumpy and feeling nervous instead of just stressed. It can also help with minor anxiety or quick onset anxiety from nightmares or night terror issues.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is an essential oil that may be a bit difficult to find depending on your essential oil source. This oil can help with uplifting you out of minor depression. When you feel sad or you feel just generally depressed and that depression lasts for more than a few hours, this oil may be ideal. Though it does not offer assistance for massive or severe depression, it can help you get through certain issues like funerals or stressful issues that can lead to depression.


Bergamot is an essential oil that can help your nervous system calm down and help you relax slowly. Specifically, people tend to use bergamot for stress induced insomnia. If you are having issues sleeping due to stress or you have nightmares that are causing stress in your life, then you can diffuse or apply bergamot topically. It will help you reduce the stress feeling and get back to sleep easily with no chemicals or medication.


Frankincense is an all purpose essential oil for nerves and stress. You can mix it with other oils to help give an underlying feeling of calm and serenity. This oil can be used topically and as a diffused oil, though topically is the preferred method.


Chamomile is the go to essential oil for calming effects. The key to keep in mind is that it can be mixed with other oils and it can be used with children as well. It is a mild relaxant and stress reliever with a very light scent.

You may find overtime that some of these oils stop working or don’t work as well. For example, lavender can be used so much that it stops having an effect, just like medications. Your body builds a resistance. That is why it is important to try various options, mixes, and switch out your oils routinely. Keep that in mind when you start using essential oils for your stress.

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