Top 5 Protein Rich Nuts

Top 5 Protein Rich Nuts

Nuts are a fantastic source of protein for many reasons. They’re suitable for vegetarians, they don’t require any preparation, you can take them with you anywhere and they contain lots of healthy fats along with other essential nutrients. That’s why today I’m going to be listing five of the best protein rich nuts.

1. Peanuts

Protein Per 1 oz. Serving = 7.3g

CaloriesPer1 oz. Serving = 160

Peanuts are one of the most widely consumed nuts on the planet and have a soft but crunchy texture. A 1 oz. serving of peanuts provides you with a substantial 7.3g of muscle building protein along with high levels of copper, manganese, vitamin B3 and vitamin B9. The copper and manganese in peanuts are both used by the body to produce hormones, enzymes and other substances that are essential for good health while the B vitamins in peanuts allow your body to efficiently extract al the energy and nutrition from the foods you eat.

2. Almonds

Protein Per 1 oz. Serving = 5.9g

CaloriesPer1 oz. Serving = 161

Almonds have a satisfying, creamy flavor and are very filling. A 1 oz. portion contains an impressive 5.9g of protein plus large amounts of copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B2 and vitamin E. Collectively these nutrients boost your heart, reduce blood levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, increase your energy levels and much more.

3. Pistachio Nuts

Protein Per 1 oz. Serving = 5.8g

CaloriesPer1 oz. Serving = 157

Pistachio nuts supply you with 5.8g of protein per 1 oz. serving. In addition to this, they are also an excellent source of copper, manganese, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. The B vitamins in pistachio nuts allow you to fully extract all the energy and nutrition from the foods you eat while the copper and manganese support the production of health boosting enzymes and hormones.

4. Cashew Nuts

Protein Per 1 oz. Serving = 5.1g

CaloriesPer 1 oz. Serving = 155

Cashew nuts have a similar taste to peanuts but are slightly sweeter. They pack 5.1g of protein per 1 oz. serving along with over 20% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for copper, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. Cashew nuts have numerous health benefits and studies have shown that they protect against heart disease, strengthen your bones, enhance blood flow within your body and much more.

5. Walnuts

Protein Per 1 oz. Serving = 4.3g

CaloriesPer1 oz. Serving = 183


Walnuts have a subtle but satisfying taste and contain 4.3g of protein per oz. They also contain over 20% of the RDA for copper and over 40% of the RDA for manganese. In terms of health, walnuts are believed to protect against chronic disease (such as cancer and diabetes), keep your heart healthy and reduce inflammation in the body.

I hope this list helps you increase your protein intake and provides you with some new healthy snacking options. So if nuts aren’t currently part of your diet, start adding them in today and give both your protein intake and your health a kick.

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