The Top 5 Healthy Teas

The Top 5 Healthy Teas

Tea is hot, healthy and refreshing. Not only is it loaded with beneficial nutrients but it also contains zero calories which means you can enjoy multiple cups each day without gaining weight. Plus, there are plenty of varieties to choose from, so there’ll definitely be a tea out there that matches your taste buds. In this article I’ll be listing five of the best healthy teas you should try.


  1. Black Tea


Black tea has a strong, distinctive flavor and can be enjoyed hot or cold and drank with or without milk. There are two main reasons why black tea is so good for you. First, it keeps you hydrated and protects against the harmful effects of dehydration. Second, it contains high levels of flavan-3-ols (a group of powerful phytonutrients that are also referred to as catechins or flavanols).


  1. Ginger Tea


Ginger tea is a herbal infusion that utilizes the power of ginger to boost your health. It has a warm, spicy flavor and is a great choice if you want to clear your throat. Since it contains ginger, this herbal infusion has no flavan-3-ols but does supply your body with lots of copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


  1. Green Tea


Green tea is probably the most popular tea in health and fitness circles and is regularly praised for its strong antioxidant content and its cancer fighting properties. It has a light vegetal taste which is both unique and refreshing. Like black tea, green tea is very hydrating and is also packed full of flavan-3-ols.


  1. Rooibos Tea


Rooibos is a herbal infusion that tastes similar to black tea but is slightly sweeter. It contains zero calories and because of this, it’s a great choice just before bed. In terms of nutrition, rooibos tea contains large amounts of flavan-3-ols, phenolic compounds and the antioxidants aspalathin and nothofagin.



  1. White Tea


White tea is a lesser known tea that is slowly gaining popularity in the Western world. It has a mild but fruity flavor and is a satisfying alternative to green tea. White tea comes from the same plant as black tea and green tea and contains the highest concentration of flavan-3-ols of all three.





By drinking these five teas on a regular basis, you can enjoy a wide range of health benefits which include cancer prevention, enhanced energy levels, a healthy heart, reduced stress levels, stronger bones and teeth and much more. So get the kettle on, brew up and start hydrating with tea today.


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