Top 3 Most Common Allergies

Top 3 Most Common Allergies

When you have allergies, your body releases histamine whenever you come in contact with something you’re allergic to. The histamine response can cause respiratory symptoms, itching of the skin and eyes, redness, swelling and a runny nose. It can also produce a cough.

Everyone who struggles with allergies has triggers that will alert that histamine response. This response is your first warning sign that you’ve come in contact with something your body doesn’t like.

There are three most common allergies that are universally shared among those who deal with allergies and they are foods, pets and airborne allergens brought on by the changing seasons. Spring is the biggest culprit for seasonal changes that causes allergies.

You can be born with a food allergy, but you can also suddenly develop an allergy to a food that you’ve previously been able to enjoy. During a food allergy, your body throws up a red flag of warning thinking that the food isn’t safe for you to eat.

So it releases histamine, which in turn causes your body to produce the outward symptoms you see – such as the itching, the watery eyes, hives, etc. Antihistamines can relieve the symptoms, but can’t cure a food allergy.

Another common allergy is pets. When you have a pet allergy, you’re not actually allergic to the pet. You’re allergic to the dander. Every animal (and humans too for that matter) sheds dead skin cells and it’s those skin cells that triggers the allergic reaction.

Since you can’t stop an animal from shedding skin cells, you either have to treat the symptoms or stop going near that pet. You may experience sneezing, your nose may itch and you may experience trouble breathing. Some exposure to pet allergies can lead to an asthmatic response.

The coming of spring brings new life to plants and trees, but it also heralds in a difficult time for allergy sufferers. The trees and plants outside release pollen into the air and you get the pollen in your nose and airway when you breathe.

Some types of trees – and even some grasses – are worse for people with allergies. Mold spores are worse in the spring because as the temperatures outside warm up, it can increase the growth of mold spores. The air spreads these spores around and you can breathe that in.

Dust can make for a pretty miserable spring for allergy sufferers. Outdoor dust is also carried on the wind and can trigger your allergies. This dust consists of plant material, animals that are outside and whatever else is in your area that causes the air pollution. If you suffer from allergies, getting treatment can make a huge difference in your symptoms.

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