Tips for Making Your Own Matcha Tea

Tips for Making Your Own Matcha Tea

It can seem a little intimidating to make your own matcha green tea, but it is actually much simpler than you think. You do have the option of going the traditional route by using a bamboo whisk and a tea cup, but you definitely don’t have to do that. Here are some tips for making it with a more modern approach.

Start With a Good Matcha

While you can now find matcha powder just about anywhere, you do want to be careful of the brand and the quality. The best matcha powder is going to be imported from Japan, or at the very least, an organic top-quality version of it in the country where you live. Try to find the highest grade matcha green tea powder you can find. If you can’t tell which is the best, look for all-natural, organic powder with no additives in the ingredients. Choosing powder from a natural health food store or vitamin store is typically better than your ordinary grocery store.

The Simple Method

You can try making green tea matcha with a bamboo whisk and real authentic tea bowl, but that isn’t necessarily mandatory. For a more modern method, heat up some filtered water in a teapot, and add it to your bowl of matcha powder. Mix it together until it forms a paste, then begin adding more water and stirring it until it turns into a tea. Regardless of the method you choose, you should not just add powder directly from the bag or container. It is often compacted, so you need to loosen it up with a whisk. You can also grind up the powder with a mortar and pestle.

Customize the Tea

If you like the taste of green tea, you will probably be just fine with regular matcha green tea as-is. However, many people want a little more flavor to their tea, so this is when it is up to you to customize the flavor. If you are trying to lose weight, just be careful what you add to it. Using cream and sugar in the tea can change the taste, but this is also going to add the extra fat and calories as well. Instead, you might want to try mixing up your tea with some fruit flavorings or a sugar substitute. Some natural sweetness can be obtained from a little honey or nut milk.

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