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Shaving might be one of the behaviors that separate men from boys, but it is also one of the behaviors that cause plenty of irritation. A badly shaved face will be covered with razor burn and those lovely red bumps that men everywhere dread. Razor burn is painful and unsightly, so getting the perfect wet shave should be an event that every man masters.

Begin by choosing your weapon. A straight razor is the traditional favorite for the perfect wet shave. A straight razor can be sharpened to surgical precision and when used correctly will give the very best shave possible.

If you can handle a straight razor, you are well on your way to becoming a shaving expert. Disposable razors are the next best thing when it comes to that close wet shave. So choose your weapon and remember that it has to be sharp for the best results.

Buy a good exfoliating product that is designed for men. Your wife or girlfriend can probably point you in the right direction for this product. An exfoliating cream will remove all of the dead skin and daily debris that builds up on your face.

A clean face, not just soap and water clean, but down to the pores clean, will give you the best canvas for a good shave. So exfoliate before you shave and then rinse your face well. Exposure to water and lotion will plump the skin, causing the hairs to stand straight. You need this to get a close shave without damaging your skin.

Once your face is wet, apply some shaving cream. Creams and gels are the base that you use to build your shave. They should be thick enough to allow the razor to pass over the skin without stopping, but thin enough that they do not clog the razor.

You can try several gels or creams until you find your best fit. Get that sharp razor ready and begin shaving. Remember that pressure is not important for shaving, the lighter the shave the better. Don’t press hard on the razor to remove hair because you will also remove skin. Use even strokes that glide over your face to get the best results. Move slowly and carefully around the nose and lip area to avoid cutting yourself, of course.

After your perfect wet shave, you will need to rinse the face thoroughly with clean water. Remember to rinse the razor too, because you will want those blades clean for the next shave. Clean and cool water will help to close your pores. Use aftershave with lanolin or aloe to soothe your face following the shave. Take your time and you will get the perfect wet shave without the pain!

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