Benefits of Wet Shaving

Benefits of Wet Shaving

For centuries man has been shaving hair from faces and other body parts in order to look a particular way. Shaving has become an art and getting the perfect shave is a task that many men find difficult. Wet shaving and dry shaving both have their proponents. Finding the perfect shave for you is often a matter of trial and error.

Wet shaving begins with a razor. Straight razors, disposable razors and even electric shavers can be used to create a wet shave. Eventually, you might want to try a straight razor, but to begin shaving, a disposable razor is probably the easiest to work with. Wet shaving tends to be a bit more cost effective depending on the type of razors that you choose. A single straight razor can be used for many years as long as it is sharpened carefully. Disposable razors are inexpensive when compared to electric razors and their replacement cartridges.

The choice of razors is important, but the choice of shave gels or lotions can be even more crucial. Wet shaving must be accomplished on skin that is hydrated. The best shave comes from a mixture of water and shaving compounds like gels or creams. Shaving cream can be purchased commercially or you can create your own with a combination of soap and skin lotion.

Keeping the skin hydrated throughout the shave is the best way to minimize damage to the skin, including razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Most lotions provide a soothing agent like aloe that helps to alleviate irritation caused by the razor. Keep in mind that as long as the disposable razor or straight razor blade is very sharp and the skin is well-hydrated, there should not be much irritation. If you are seeing a few razor bumps after your shave, definitely increase the amount of lubrication used during the shave.

Disposable razors for wet shaves have to be maintained to remain sharp. Misting your razor with isopropyl alcohol after each use will extend its life. If your razor requires replaceable blades, remember to turn the blade over between shaves. This gives your blade more life and keeps it “razor-sharp.” Wet shaving gives you the very closest shave possible, no matter which type of razor you choose. Wet shaving is also the best type of shave for men with sensitive skin. Running a dry razor blade over any skin tends to be quite abrasive, but keeping the facial area wet helps to move the blade without skin damage.

Once you finish your wet shave, you can apply an aftershave lotion that also soothes the skin. Your perfect wet shave gives you the ability to create a pinpoint shave. You can choose the length of sideburns and mustaches and create straight lines with a good wet shave.

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