Cream for Cellulite

Cream for Cellulite

If you have the condition, you’ve probably been interested in treatments such as cream for cellulite. Creams are some of the simplest treatments for cellulite and when they work well they can restore your confidence.

Many women who have cellulite feel ashamed of this part of their body. You may find it hard to find a swimsuit that covers your affected areas and even finding shorts can be a challenge. But with treatment, you can reduce this unsightly problem.

Cellulite is actually an uneven pattern of fat cells under your skin. Cellulite creams are applied directly to the skin to help even out the surface of it. There are many types of creams that can be used to treat its appearance.

Some creams have the active ingredient caffeine. Caffeine works because when it’s applied to the skin, it causes it to firm. When the skin is firm the cellulite doesn’t go away, but it does decrease in appearance – and that’s what you really care about, anyway.

Other creams use retinol. Retinol is a chemical that will go into the skin and actually help to remove dead skin cells. When it does that it promotes the skin to create new growth. As a result, the skin actually gets healthier and its thickness increases.

The thicker the skin is, the less likely it is you’ll be able to see the cellulite that lurks beneath. Different creams have different concentrations of retinol. You should start with the lowest dose and gradually increase if the low dose isn’t working for you.

You can use too much retinol. You’ll know if you do because your skin may become irritated. Too much can cause your skin to get dried out and become flaky. If that happens, you’ll need to back off the use of this cream.

Another chemical found in cellulite cream is known commonly as DMAE. Its scientific name is dimethylaminoethanol. This chemical is thought to actually penetrate the skin and then act on the muscle below.

The manufacturers of DMAE claim that this chemical causes the muscles to contract and become firmer. By becoming firmer below the skin they help the skin to look firmer and diminish the appearance of cellulite.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve the appearance of the skin over your hips, thighs, belly, or any other area affected by cellulite, you may want to try these products. Cream for cellulite won’t get rid of it totally, but it can make your skin look better and help you increase your confidence.

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