The Dangers Of Overdosing On Antioxidants

The Dangers Of Overdosing On Antioxidants

Antioxidants are powerful nutrients that can fight aging, protect against chronic disease and more. However, consuming excessive amounts of antioxidants can negate these benefits and also put your health at risk. This article will take a detailed look at the dangers of overdosing on antioxidants and explain how to avoid them.

  1. Oxidative Damage

Free radicals are harmful by-products that get produced when your body uses oxygen to release the energy from the foods you eat. They damage your body’s cells and vital organs, accelerate the aging process and contribute to various chronic diseases. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and protect your body against the oxidative damage they cause. However, when you overdose on antioxidants, this benefit is lost and the high quantities of antioxidants actually speed up the rate at which free radicals damage your body.

  1. Organ Damage

Excess antioxidants can be very damaging to your vital organs. Your body can only effectively process a certain amount of these powerful nutrients and if you ingest too many, toxic levels can build up and start to have a negative effect your vital organs. For example, numerous studies have shown that high levels of vitamin A can seriously damage the liver. Other research has shown that mega doses of antioxidants can cause heart failure. In addition to this, the accelerated rate of oxidative damage caused by heavy antioxidant consumption can slowly destroy your vital organs and lead to long term complications and problems.

  1. Blood Problems

Eating large amounts of antioxidants leaves both your blood cells and blood vessels susceptible to damage. This results in a number of health complications which include anemia, high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels. In the long term, these blood problems can contribute to more serious health disorders including heart attacks, organ failure and stroke.

  1. Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases are long term health disorders that often have a significant impact on your body. Some of the most common chronic diseases include cancer, diabetes and heart disease. While it’s not known exactly what causes chronic diseases, a huge volume of research has linked oxidative damage and organ damage with an increased risk of chronic disease. Therefore, by consuming large amounts of antioxidants you’re much more likely to develop these unpleasant health disorders. Additionally, eating high volumes of antioxidants can actually aggravate existing chronic diseases and increase the severity of the symptoms.


Although overdosing on antioxidants is dangerous, it can be easily prevented by avoiding supplements and eating a balanced, healthy diet instead. Antioxidant supplements often contain mega doses which cause the negative symptoms discussed in this article. Natural food sources on the other hand contain just the right amount of antioxidants to boost your health without putting your body at risk.

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