The Connection Between Stress and GERD

The Connection Between Stress and GERD

For some GERD sufferers, the burning in their chest at times feel like they may be experiencing a heart attack.  This is common because stress is an indirect contributor to heartburn.

Managing your stress is vital to your health if you want to lessen the heartburn you endure on a daily basis.  Scientists haven’t been able to link stress directly to heartburn, but we do know that there’s an indirect connection.

With stress, we eat more, make worse food choices, sleep less, and sometimes indulge in other bad habits like smoking and drinking – all of which add to your misery when it results in heartburn.

If you experience GERD, then you might want to hone in on what stress factors are currently in your life so that you can eliminate them.  Is it your relationships?  Your job?  Finances or being over-scheduled?  Any of these can add to the stress in your life and result in heartburn if the pressure causes you to make bad lifestyle decisions.

After you know what sets you off, try to prevent heartburn by finding solutions to your stresses.  Can you enroll in counseling or carve some time out for you to relax and enjoy life a bit more?

Sometimes you can alleviate stress, and ultimately heartburn, by improving your life in different areas.  Add exercise to your daily routine if you don’t already do it.  It may help you lose weight, too, which can help reduce your GERD symptoms if you’re overweight.

If you just need to unwind and relax, try meditation or massage.  While these may not directly inhibit heartburn, it can make your life less hectic and allow you to de-stress and live the kind of lifestyle that helps GERD sufferers cut down on the frequency with which they experience heartburn.

You may just need to pop in a relaxing CD and let the soothing music calm your mind for a period of time each day. This sort of relaxation can prevent you from overeating, drinking alcohol, or smoking – all of which lead to instances of heartburn.

If you prefer to replace your habits with something positive, try learning how to laugh more.  Improve your mood and lose stress by finding things that humor you and let you let go of life’s troubles.

Find ways to reduce stress and prevent heartburn that won’t break the bank.  You don’t want to add financial woes to the mix, and there are plenty of free methods you ca use to control your GERD and get the most out of life.

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