The Best Pilates Moves For Beginners

The Best Pilates Moves For Beginners

Pilates is an effective workout, but not an easy one. It definitely takes practice with doing the moves and strengthening your muscles. However, there are some moves that are good for beginners to get you accustomed to the workout routine and start practicing the basics.

The Basic 100 Move

This isn’t exactly the easiest move you will do in Pilates, but it is likely the first one you will learn. Even if you can only do Pilates for 5 minutes in the beginning, it should be the basic move. The basic 100 move involves laying on your mat on your back, then bringing both legs close to your chest. You will hold onto them, curl your head up, then put your feet out like a tabletop. You will hold your arms to your sides and move them up and down for 100 quick reps. When just starting out, try to do about 20, then move to 50, then 100 if you need to.

The Abs Roll Up

This might go by different name, but it is another excellent Pilates move to strengthen your abdominal muscles, even when you are just starting out with this type of workout. You will sit on your mat with your legs straight out in front of you, then move your body forward until your head is lowered close to your knees. Then move backward, but bend your knees and stop before you hit the ground. Raise your arms at this position and try to repeat multiple roll-up ab moves.

Single-Leg Tease Move

This type of move is going to work your legs and your core to get more muscles strengthened. It is good to start with this move before moving on to having both legs in the air at the same time. You will lie flat on the mat, with one leg extending out and one bent with your knee pointing up. Reach forward as if trying to touch your toes, then roll down. Do a few reps of this, then alternate your legs and do it the same on the other side. Eventually, both of your legs will be pointed out while doing this move.

There are a lot of Pilates move that have similar modifications. These are going to help you to do Pilates even in the beginning, regardless of your experience, and soon become strong enough for the more advanced moves.

Best Pilates Moves For Beginners

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