Symptoms That Show Signs of Allergies

Your body will always let you know whenever something is going on. It lets you know this by producing a symptom – or a series of symptoms. For those who think what they’re experiencing may be an allergy, your symptoms will show up first on your face.

You may start to develop sneezing or a runny nose. The runny nose will be clear – and it’s a sign that your body is fighting back against the allergen. The symptoms actually mean that your body’s defense mechanism is at work.

Next, you may start to notice that your eyes are watering. Excessive tearing can be a definite sign that an allergy is affecting you. But on the flip side, dry, itchy eyes can also be a sign that you’re dealing with allergies.

When you have allergies, an irritating cough can develop. This cough isn’t a cause for alarm – it just means that your cough is being triggered because your sinuses and airway are irritated by the response to the allergen. In response to an allergen, your body will produce more mucus. This mucus then trickles from your sinuses down the back of your throat.

Looking in the mirror, you might also start to notice dark circles beneath your eyes. Dark circles are a very noticeable symptom of allergies. Most people tend to blow off dark circles as thin skin or a lack of sleep, not understanding that the dark circles happen with allergies because of the connection with eyes that are irritated from the allergen.

In children, doctors call these ‘allergic shiners’ and one of the tell-tale clues that a child has allergies is the crease at the tip of the nose. Kids who have allergies and get the runny nose symptom will rub their nose upward, creating a fine line or crease across the tip of the nose.

Another symptom that’s related to allergies (and you may not even be aware of it) is fatigue. Allergies cause fatigue because of a chemical response within the body. You can develop extreme fatigue and wreak a lot of havoc with your health if you leave your allergies untreated.

So if you’re feeling tired and have symptoms of allergies, get yourself treated. You may not know that headaches are another symptom associated with allergies. When histamine is released in the body in response to an allergen, it dilates the blood vessels.

Dilated blood vessels in turn create a headache. Allergies can also cause problems with your mood, cause you to experience restless sleep or insomnia and even depression. They can have a dramatic effect on your life.

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