Stop Hair Loss Immediately

Stop Hair Loss Immediately

Having hair loss problems?  Often times, it’s so hard to stop hair loss permanently, people just give up and go bald without finding a solution.  In order to effectively stop hair loss, you might need to try a couple of different treatment options.

There are many ways to try to stop hair loss immediately.  The strongest and most effective to date is medication. Some people get very sick from potent medications, so this option may not be the one for you.  There are only two medications that stop hair loss that are FDA approved.

One of these drugs is called Finasteride, also known as Propecia.  This specific chemical restricts the creation of DHT in your system, helping promote hair growth.  This drug has an extremely high success rate – particularly with men.

A different (and less painful option) is to turn to herbal forms of medication.  These natural remedies are popular because they’re all natural and less harmful to your body’s system.

Taking herbal medication ensures that no potentially harmful or unknown chemicals enter your body.  Common ingredients in these herbal supplements are stinging nettle, pygeum, and green tea.

Green tea itself has also been known to stop hair loss, whether it’s hot tea or iced tea.  Adding a bit of honey to it will help it taste better.  In order to stop hair loss, you need to have faith that there’s a treatment option that will work for you.  It may not always be immediately, but eventually it will happen – and when it does you’ll have that full head of hair you’ve been dreaming of.

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