Get Shiny Hair With Coconut Oil

Get Shiny Hair With Coconut Oil

When your hair is flat and lacks shine, you may be looking at your local drug or beauty supply store for the magic cure. However, what you need is probably right in your cabinet. Coconut oil is excellent for helping with dry and limp hair, as it moisturizes while also adding in a lot of shine.

Tips For Using Coconut Oil For Your Hair

Before talking about the different ways you can actually use coconut oil for your hair, let’s discuss some important tips and guidelines. You don’t just want to grab a bunch of coconut oil and add it to your hair. While this won’t necessarily do any harm, it could cause your hair to get a little oily than you want it. Here are some tips to follow when you want to use coconut oil with your hair to make it shiny and well moisturized.

Don’t put it on the scalp – You really don’t need to add the coconut oil to your scalp, so just focus on the ends of your hair. Anything you add to your scalp like oil is going to make it greasier, even something as natural as coconut oil. Just add it to the ends of your hair, and be careful if your hair itself is currently oily.

Only use natural, organic oil – Make sure you are using the right oil. You should only use the raw, organic coconut oil, not the cooking oil you find next to the canola and olive oil. Make sure it is 100% organic to get the best results.

Only use a small amount – A little bit of oil goes a very long way, to start with the tiniest amount, then only add more if you think your hair needs it.

The Basic Method For Using Coconut Oil

When you want silky, smooth, and shiny hair, this method is the basic thing you will need to do. You need to warm the oil, which can be done by putting some coconut oil in a small bowl, then placing that bowl over a small pot of boiling water for a few moments. This warms the oil and allows it to be easier to manage. Now take some oil and apply it to your hair, not worrying about the scalp. Work it through your hair, then wrap it in a hot towel for about an hour. After that point, you can wash your hair as you normally would. This works great as a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

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