Rose Oil

Rose Oil

Roses have been held in high regard for their beauty, fragrance and the way they incite feelings of happiness, just by observing them. There are many other uses for these wonderful little plants that many are unaware of. They contain oils that are used for very specific ailments. This will be focusing on the benefits of relieving stress with rose oil.

The most common stress relief effect of rose oil is the (well known) aphrodisiac effect that it can have on people. Men and women alike experience this trait. When the body is experiencing stressful surges in energy, simply using some rose oil heated for incense will go a long way to calming the nerves. This is first in the list for being the most obvious and easy to do.

Rose oil has a lesser known effect of relieving spasms, being an antispasmodic, it helps with this issue. If you have a (nervous twitch) that won’t stop or even issues with your intestinal tract spasms, this is a known relief for these issues. Anybody who has spent any amount of days with a convulsion or twitch can tell you it’s stressful to have decreased motor function.

For the women out there who may have feminine issues, rose oil can help here as well. Since it’s a Emmenagogue, it is helpful for stimulating hormone secretions that are responsible for triggering menstruation. You don’t even have to ask a woman about menses being stressful enough as it is. Rose oil will help with cramping, nausea, fatigue and body pains. This can be especially helpful if you are experiencing obstructed or irregular menses.

Another great quality of rose oil is that it is a Stomachic. It is soothing to the stomach by sedating any inflammation and it protects from infections. Another great quality here is it can help with ulcers and other bowel irritations, like excess gas and heartburn. Any of these issues can stress somebody out. Ulcers can be especially painful and even more so if a person is under stress. The catch-22 here is that ulcers create stress, while stress creates more ulcer activity. Rose oil is a life-saver here.

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